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Spell check of minor

Correct spelling: minor

youth, minor-league, minute, diatonic, toddler, slip, compact, foolish, teeny, juvenile, fiddling, smalltime, humble, antibacterial, mere, issue, junior, meager, niggardly, young man, scanty, excusable, churl, smaller, barbarian, pip-squeak, combination, nugatory, claw, bloodless, delicate, negligible, underage, ungenerous, waif, sparing, subordinate, tyke, wee, dwarfish, modest, pocket, petty, petite, child prodigy, meek, itty-bitty, smallish, forgivable, pocket-size, Mickey Mouse, stingy, incidental, toy, teenager, puny, picayune, lowly, pardonable, over, deficient, scrawny, bionic, urchin, piddling, girl, trivial, spare, antenatal, infant, slim, pocketable, inconsiderable, major, lesser, sapling, lad, under, adolescent, unconsidered, minimal, sprig, peanut, little, youngster, irrelevant, fledgling, kid, diminished, slight, chela, young woman, pocket-sized, baby bird, ed., weeny, doctoral, newborn, clinical, law, superficial, boy, nonaged, peasant, second-class, minuscule, teen, limited, microscopic, fry, insignificant, cherub, tiny, boor, small fry, small, miserly, aseptic, innocent, stripling, correspondence course, subaltern, imp, day school, electric shaver, boomerang kid, belittled, shaver, lass, class, inferior, venial, flat, sharp, lower, tonic, bairn, scant, mean, electric razor, articles, antimalarial, course, crash course, less, nipper, inconsequential, nestling, small-scale, miniature, child, squirt, clear, diminutive, second-rate, kidskin, pincer, unimportant, broad-spectrum, teensy, apprenticeship, concentration, meaningless, short, sprout, frivolous, mild, low, teeny-weeny, tiddler, secondary, chromatic, tike, baby, bantam, trifling, paltry, beggarly.

decisive, senior, prominent, notorious, limitless, material, better, first-rate, distinguished, overriding, valuable, important, select, fundamental, famous, eminent, acceptable, selected, choice, higher, prestigious, dominant, exceptional, great, starring, greater, unlimited, key, chief, distinctive, substantial, weighty, all-important, essential, fatal, prime, principal, overmastering, adequate, basic, impressive, stellar, big, preeminent, fateful, significant, meaningful, superior, remarkable, star, eventful, sufficient, prima, first-class, primary, more, high-grade, overbearing, major, worthy, worthwhile, superordinate, momentous, unpardonable, illustrious, consequential, leading, premium, renowned, outstanding.

Examples of usage:

1) After rushing over minor hills, the dog noses sank into bear tracks. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The Minor Planets Company saved us the trouble. - "The Love of Frank Nineteen", David Carpenter Knight.

3) The night before he had had no time for minor things, and it was almost as though he had never seen the place before. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.