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Spell check of metric

Correct spelling: metric

par, bar, rhythmical, grade, measured, metric function, iambic pentameter, mensurable, barometer, benchmark, system of measurement, metaphysical, metrication, calculated, imperial, metre, metrical, criterion, conceit, meter, geocentric, mark, factor, deliberate, touchstone, graduation, measure, alliteration, bard, careful, calibration, O, absolute, mensural, yardstick, gradation, rhythmic, gold standard, metric unit.

aberration, deviation, unrhythmic, abnormality, unrhythmical.

Examples of usage:

1) Milton curiously gave us some metric hints by means of changes in spelling, but we have to read all our other poets in the light of our own discernment, and it is not to be wondered at if doctors disagree. - "The Booklover and His Books", Harry Lyman Koopman.

2) But, if you reduce this budget by half, we are willing to give you one million metric quintals of wool and 125, 000 tons of copper. - "Fighting France", Stephane Lauzanne.

3) A metric arrangement of the stories was probably made to aid the singers in remembering their subject matter. - "Paul and the Printing Press", Sara Ware Bassett.