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Spell check of master

Correct spelling: master

better, preeminent, comprehend, cardinal, read, author, technician, hold in, gain, outplay, outgo, scale, compleat, crush, command, manage, complete, oversee, moderate, overlord, maitre d', charter, prima donna, see to it, educator, illustrator, triumph, auxiliary, track, prototype, artist, master copy, sovereign, prior, captain, merchant navy, sophisticate, housemaid, pass over, judo, intelligent, ascendant, mayor, kennel, budding, superwoman, enforcer, conductor, signal, valid, the avant-garde, capture, crackerjack, prize winner, employer, cut through, butler, coordinate, eclipse, coach, train, learn, first officer, domestic service, autocrat, leader, singer, overlook, winner, quintessential, scholarly, schoolmistress, keep in line, excellent, get well, landlady, guide, ascertain, capital, bursar, universal, the Bloomsbury Group, procure, outstrip, chosen, governing, handmaiden, Rembrandt, acquire, proprietress, overwhelm, sonny, masterful, wise person, old-timer, king, insure, kingpin, instructor, adept, earn, possessor, tame, executive, savant, star, highest, primal, governor, dictator, annual report, directing, experienced, owned, lunch lady, cabin boy, arrive at, entertainer, superintend, band master, domesticate, presiding, passkey, thinker, doctor, martial art, secure, father, sweep over, consultant, sire, academic, warden, baron, practiced, intellectual, crowning, number one, master key, Impressionist, circular, craftsman, black belt, rout, overriding, figurehead, realize, mentor, foremost, dean, supervisor, dude, certificate, humble, ringmaster, maestro, professed, ruling, demagogue, casual, discover, charge, reign, general, exceed, ubiquitous, keep up, whiz, artisan, cat litter, traverse, Lord, holder, control, curb, overcome, squire, supervise, company report, dossier, sage, surmount, scholar, old hand, sway, veteran, power, predominate, ability, conquistador, grand, confidentiality agreement, authority, counselor, preside, premier, succeed, maven, absorb, beat, concept statement, most, amah, choice, generic, first, obtain, virtuoso, emeritus, study, old soldier, genius, headman, wizard, specialist, headmost, arch, acting, answer to, common, digest, footman, buster, expert, subdue, overtop, consummate, faculty, futurist, mass, buff, paramount, returnable, trounce, professional person, accomplish, litter, skillful, great, inhibit, reach, overbearing, pilot, masterly, Picasso, quell, rule, nobility, performer, start, operate, govern, numero uno, keep down, get the hang, checkmate, bro, maitre d'hotel, commandant, owner, authorize, sea captain, unanswered, compass, greatest, superintendent, hierarch, composer, nobleman, first mate, quash, overseer, president, mandarin, overshadow, police captain, grip, senior, paragon, assimilate, mortify, written, chief, check, jujitsu, chasten, buddy, chancellor, overturn, dominate, chieftain, prevalent, trainer, teacher, schoolmaster, philosopher, mate, overmastering, subject, bias, head, magistrate, motivate, omnipresent, honcho, conqueror, cover, bud, leading, overthrow, superordinate, advisor, superscript, exceller, dominant, foil, director, outmatch, patriarchal, son, housemaster, headteacher, professional, conceal, caricaturist, ruler, past master, conduct, cut across, protoplast, senior pilot, houseboy, contain, best, champion, belt, get the best, reduce, mother, have the best, above, exponent, over, discipline, predominant, crucify, vanquish, trump, develop, boss, hold, ringleader, karate, verify, maximum, major, pressure, headmistress, man, newsy, titleholder, foreman, main, merchant seaman, blue book, commander, prodigy, governing body, proficient, prejudice, original, good, overpower, bounce back, outdo, on paper, tutor, mahatma, classicist, bottle up, get the better of, merchant marine, Michelangelo, A-1, surpass, retrain, Kitty litter, help, noble, collective, dab, outperform, commanding, cross, primary, higher-up, empower, guidance counselor, journeyman, deputy, superman, overtake, grasp, skilled, prevail, officer, wise, handler, manager, headmaster, furthermost, victor, influence, cartoonist, administrator, central, principal, achieve, sagacious, textual, call off, affect, eminent, manipulate, subjugate, connoisseur, elite, taskmaster, attain, conquer, creative, big, ace, versed, sport, dab hand, kung fu, repress, brilliant, get, document, police chief, sculptor, get across, controlling, enclosed, guru, painter, proprietor, keep back, uppermost, skipper, accomplished, headwaiter, archetype, consent form, pro, lecturer, administer, deal with, champ, win, get over, assure, educated, blue-collar, aristocracy, professor, authoritative, lead, abbot, see, heel, designate, exercise, dancer, superior, suppress, philosophic, gray-beard, queen, girl, direct, stamp down, understand, musician, oppress, glean, landlord, zenith, draftsman, defeat, whelm, wonderwoman, supreme, quartermaster, houseparent, whip, passe-partout, subordinate, patriarch, key, student, pick up, ensure, furthest.

ignorant, let go, inconsiderable, unpolished, untried, unprofessional, ineffectual, primitive, fail, unable, ungifted, inconsequential, unskilled, give up, subsidiary, ham-handed, unimportant, inexperienced, would-be, artless, untaught, amateurish, unseasoned, abandon, forfeit, incompetent, unqualified, beginning, untrained, rough, trifling, green, collateral, rude, raw, last, weak, negligible, unschooled, trivial, unfitted, untalented, inept, untutored, inexpert, slight, new, miss, unskillful, ineffective, secondary, insignificant, amateur, awkward, subordinate, unfit, untested, clumsy, least, ham-fisted, minor, jackleg, heavy-handed, incapable, inefficient, crude, lose, inferior.

Examples of usage:

1) A man should be master in his own house. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) As for Richard, he has long been his own master. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) The great master knows everything. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.