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Spell check of macabre

Correct spelling: macabre

gruesome, drear, unappeasable, pale, dreadful, unforgiving, charnel, terrible, lurid, nauseous, ill, scary, terrific, sick, unhinged, disturbed, morbid, mordant, forbidding, horrifying, gloomy, chilling, unbalanced, beautiful, nightmarish, horrific, blue, fed up, crazy, nauseated, pallid, dour, atrocious, down in the mouth, mad, shocking, dreary, tired of, black, intimidating, demented, down, monstrous, brainsick, unrelenting, appalling, sickish, grim, grisly, horrendous, sick of, good, horrible, unwholesome, unhealthy, depressed, disgusted, sorry, sepulchral, dismal, hideous, nightmare, ghastly, spooky, relentless, eerie, stern, downcast, downhearted, menacing, offensive, dark, horrid, frightening, dingy, alarming, wan, disconsolate, frightful, awful, drab, dispirited, low-spirited, inexorable, low, queasy, awesome.

comforting, inviting, delightful, attractive, enjoyable, soothing, delicious, agreeable, pleasurable, satisfying, unalarming, delectable, pleasing, cheering, welcome, enticing, pleasant, appealing.

Examples of usage:

1) Yet they issued from the same vocal chords, unless Forth was having a reasonless, macabre joke. - "The Planet Savers", Marion Zimmer Bradley.

2) True, there were the picture postcards in the shops- I had forgotten them- nothing more characteristically macabre have I ever seen. - "Leaves from a Field Note-Book", J. H. Morgan.

3) Moreover, he attempted humorous effects, not very successfully; because one of the interesting points about, John Inglesant is that there is hardly the slightest touch of humour from beginning to end, except perhaps in the fantastic mixture of tragedy and comedy in the carnival scene, presided over by the man who masquerades as a corpse; and even here the humour is almost entirely of a macabre type. - "The Silent Isle", Arthur Christopher Benson.