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Spell check of M'Lud

Correct spelling: M'Lud

attorney general, chief justice, bailiff, attorney, clerk, circuit judge, advocate, barrister.

Examples of usage:

1) We may note that at this time it was always " my Lord," and " your Lordship," with the full natural sound- we had not yet got to the clipped " M'lud, '" and " your Ludship." - "Bardell v. Pickwick", Percy Fitzgerald.

2) " Aw, beg pawdon, m'lud. - "Out of the Primitive", Robert Ames Bennet.

3) My client, Mr. Collingwood, recognises the man, m'lud- there is no doubt about it. - "A Butterfly on the Wheel", Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull.