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Spell check of little

Correct spelling: little

runty, concise, inconstant, meager, inadequate, delicate, diminutive, sparse, fine, insufficient, belittled, half-pint, limited, sawed-off, illiberal, wicked, sporadically, younger, seldom, small, picayune, boo-boo, passing, elfin, scarce, bitty, lowly, baby, soft, ridicule, low-slung, usual, bang, unconsidered, pygmy, beggarly, atomic, foolish, inconsiderable, trivial, shrimpy, sectarian, abridged, apart, forgetful, squat, critical, undersized, mock, cold, flyspeck, paltry, shortsighted, minuscule, puny, choo-choo, abuse, only, subaltern, bow-wow, irrelevant, toy, pocket-sized, slight, nugatory, long-distance, big, narrow, diminished, microscopic, piffling, under control, count on, negligible, pint-size, unimportant, miniature, wee, niggling, few, out, footling, half-size, fiddling, floating, weeny, small-minded, invisible, miniscule, succinct, teentsy, pocket-size, lower-ranking, scant, spotty, piddling, petty, inappreciable, teensy-weensy, discreet, smallest, specific, cramped, dwarfish, temporary, rare, humble, minimum, insignificant, fast, variable, micro, provincial, precise, base, dwarf, itsy-bitsy, barely, littlest, Mickey Mouse, deficient, dinky, infinitesimal, tiny, long, inconsequent, stubby, ungenerous, brusk, midget, molecular, lowercase, slim, teeny, undersize, particular, teeny-weeny, smaller, unretentive, birdie, stumpy, brief, clipped, exact, lesser, minute, trifling, wide, myopic, fleeting, rarity, once or twice, mean, low-lying, immature, short-lived, secondary, minimal, compact, rarely, junior-grade, parochial, restrictive, scrubby, young, scanty, small-fry, bunny, elflike, emotional, minor, toylike, short, small-scale, incidental, littler, niggardly, slender, far, sparing, bantam, circumstantial, away, low, occasionally, superficial, teensy, spare, frivolous, itty-bitty, poor, prohibitive, comminuted, exclusive, brusque, weensy, mere, short-term, unforesightful, modest, miserly, finite, gnomish, bittie, narrow-minded, abrupt, cross, weak, imperceptible, condensed, scrawny, minuscular, pocket, embryonic, large, infrequently, insular, least, light, snub, stingy, subnormal, limiting, detailed, smallish, youth, all the way, further, transient, inconsequential, lilliputian, wizened, petite, restricted, serial, meaningless, curt, from.

expanded, long-drawn-out, enormous, broad, husky, endless, renowned, elephantine, longish, macroscopical, grand, unprejudiced, broad-minded, fatal, objective, gargantuan, far, spacious, too large, hulky, larger, significant, consequential, plenteous, worthy, gangling, overlarge, boxcar, nonpartisan, adequate, freethinking, monstrous, tidy, jumbo, prominent, plumping, handsome, substantial, largish, eventful, unbiased, long-term, fundamental, all-important, thumping, tremendous, boundless, humongous, catholic, stupendous, queen-sized, open, macro, extensive, copious, tolerant, loud, lifesize, biggish, Brobdingnagian, voluminous, epic, important, basic, bouffant, overriding, impartial, major, high, enough, overlong, sufficient, infinite, king-size, upswept, colossal, mountainous, life-sized, giant, uppercase, bountiful, immeasurable, long-lived, cavernous, outsized, weighty, chief, high-rise, decisive, preeminent, cyclopean, tall, titanic, deep, massive, prestigious, valuable, extended, capacious, whacking, oversized, permanent, galactic, lifted, rangy, old, super, volumed, larger-than-life, man-sized, notorious, abundant, healthy, large-scale, gross, illustrious, material, fat, Bunyanesque, protracted, uplifted, essential, long-range, mammoth, towering, herculean, persistent, vast, great, older, astronomic, worthwhile, blown-up, queen-size, key, lengthy, elevated, wide, long, astronomical, considerable, double, hulking, momentous, monumental, outsize, staggering, enlarged, macroscopic, huge, walloping, wide-ranging, lanky, monolithic, ample, Himalayan, puffy, elder, remarkable, gangly, sizable, bigger, fateful, principal, large, supplemented, leviathan, of import, plentiful, full-size, generous, statuesque, famous, sizeable, thick, unending, lofty, open-minded, overmastering, pharaonic, incalculable, goodly, king-sized, exceptional, dominant, cosmic, meaningful, appreciable, bulky, raised, everlasting, distinguished, overbearing, altitudinous, oversize, impressive, liberal, interminable, receptive, cosmopolitan, prolonged, life-size, distinctive, eminent, prodigious, heroic, big, gigantic, unemotional, immense, hefty, whopping, outstanding, much.

Examples of usage:

1) It was little I could do. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Oh, tell me more- a little, what you thought might be. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) " My dear little home," she said. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.