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Spell check of labor

Correct spelling: labor

push back, baby shower, fight, payroll, expenditure, turn over, action, repulse, retailing, amniocentesis, grate, chapel, corporation, strenuousness, motor, dig out, work, appear, hollow, endeavor, press, pull, drudgery, perseverance, service, exertion, barter, comprehend, ease, elbow grease, savvy, apply, fatigue, handiwork, establishment, ram, advertise, drive, comport, production, patience, take, department of labor, go after, beast, tote, while, buckle down, management, bray, roil, output, specialty, labour, executive, station, position, lug, restriction, push for, staff, churn, activity, practice, Labour Party, compass, do, pains, concern, closed shop, company, delegation, apprehend, exercise, wear out, craunch, Labor Department, labor market, COSATU, task, chore, expend, perpetrate, diligence, crawl, pursuit, merchant, attempt, slavery, job, crusade, wield, the AFL-CIO, fag out, bear on, trade union movement, operate, parturition, motion, onerousness, worker, wear, career, busy work, the afterbirth, creep, division of labor, confinement, profession, fall behind, occupation, stress, headache, workforce, heavy lifting, perform, try, wear down, enterprise, parturiency, campaign, beat back, employ, react, negotiation, comminute, trouble, labor union, manpower, employment, weary, excavate, crunch, selling, grasp, moil, prod, ride, repel, stab, posting, overwork, conduct, call, thing, behave, market, effort, interest, cut into, sweat, persistence, commission, anti-choice, deed, force back, tire out, agitate, dedication, execute, calling, antenatal, delivery, constancy, labor movement, operation, crowd, exert, the CBI, business, tug, yield, act, birthing, capitalist, behavior, amniotic fluid, lying-in, discharge, childbirth, holding, promote, forge, proletariat, livelihood, exchange, employer, grok, drudge, dawdle, challenge, transact, donkeywork, wear upon, consortium, drop back, poke, mash, firm, boil, background, appointment, personnel, performance, labor force, cranch, arrive, working class, struggle, partnership, aim, officiate, meander, energy, strain, childbearing, advertize, accouchement, vocation, force, start, move, application, affair, attention, try for, dig, jade, baby blues, get the picture, tire, trade, venture, birth, intentness, people, proprietorship, function, assignment, press for, fruit, industry, ACTU, collaboration, undertaking, travail, dig up, push, strive, delve, trail, transaction, movement, commerce, grind, sedulousness, brother, outwear, produce, project, childbed, get, assiduity, drift, toil, bear, labor party, projection, jab, situation, care, work at, Equity.

fickleness, child's play, inactivity, dallying, dormancy, fun, repose, snap, lounging, amusement, idleness, breeze, fluency, neglect, lolling, inertness, entertainment, inattention, facility, changeableness, diversion, laziness, inertia, cinch, negligence, goldbricking, relaxation, languor, decompression, quiescence, leisure, adroitness, rest, play, setup, kid stuff, remissness, inconstancy, ease, sloth, smoothness, loafing, dalliance, indolence, inaction, recreation, duck soup, sport.

Examples of usage:

1) I could hear the panting of my companions, the labor of the dogs. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) I was so busy I could not pause to think, and was conscious only of the rush, the labor, the worry. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) The old hope that they will be better to- morrow, when they will get on with less difficulty and weary labor; but to- morrow they die, and their children hope after them, and are disappointed, and hope again. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.