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Spell check of label

Correct spelling: label

insignia, crest, automaker, set, gesticulation, go after, adjudicate, baggies, check, stigmatize, identity, check off, estimate, beachwear, pronounce, trail, differentiate, approximate, shrug, guide, badge, alert, concessionaire, pigeonhole, guidepost, Americanism, clearinghouse, characterize, genus, guess, flag, cross off, stigmatise, casuals, categorize, class, docket, hint, logotype, catch-all, style, race, indication, tick, betoken, chase after, number, trademark, combats, description, civvies, caste, credit slip, notation, breed, food stamp, sound out, try, signpost, term, category, level, mold, cast, strike off, mark, brokerage, title, emblem, fasten, variety, feather, designate, join, clue, identification, pass judgment, hallmark, bar code, mark off, ilk, clip, denote, attach, stock, motion, collection agency, gesture, epithet, fashion show, denotation, collection, design, score, articulate, beckon, accessory, chant, identify, call, note, clan, denounce, array, type, recording label, bumper sticker, catwalk, wink, form, constructor, nock, enunciate, symbol, secure, dog, characterization, classify, pock, denomination, strike out, fashionista, bracket, kingdom, enounce, fix, gift certificate, caterer, tie, species, stripe, tick off, commemorate, gauge, MARKS, classification, notify, fashion house, notice, house, family, ticket, coordinates, beacon, logo, line, taxonomy, evaluate, series, couturier, cross out, figuration, group, consultancy, gesticulate, prompt, lighthouse, acrostic, Arabism, grade, track, token, bookseller, people, ecolabel, assort, point out, pit, genotype, coupon, indicate, nod, sign, black, tail, make, archaism, appellation, phylum, borrowing, punctuate, scar, give chase, sort, tag, step, icon, food coupon, name, legend, black tie, discount card, judge, arrange, christen, sticker, key, degree, stamp, wave, colophon, signal, rank, cue, pointer, nudge, connect, order, strain, distinguish, point, semaphore, fashion, persuasion, anglicism, grain, marker, pin, brand, chase, say, banner, haute couture, symbolize, anagram, courtesy card, kind, designation, Goth, authenticator.

Examples of usage:

1) The label on it bore General Lingard's name; the Paches' address had been crossed out, and that of Rede Place substituted. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) You might get pretty confused if you didn't have a circuit diagram in front of you to tell you what the label was talking about, mightn't you? - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

3) The sight of the label on the box came near rousing Gordon to an outbreak of indignation. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.