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Spell check of kaffir

Correct spelling: kaffir

kaffir corn, kafir corn, Sorghum bicolor, kafir, caffre, caffer, great millet.

Examples of usage:

1) I have seldom been so impressed by any one as by this Kaffir, who, born in absolute barbarism, had acquired culture both deep and wide, and then returned to try and civilize his people. - "Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer", W. C. Scully.

2) " That's so: he's given a lodging to some ole Kaffir. - "Tales from the Veld", Ernest Glanville.

3) They came there for the Kaffir plum crop, an' were mighty lively, not to say noisy, three weeks ago, when they began to drop. - "Tales from the Veld", Ernest Glanville.