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Spell check of kabob

Correct spelling: kabob

dumpling, kebab, casserole, chili con carne, shish kebab, cutlet, dish, chicken-fried steak, egg, couscous, croquette, crepe.

Examples of usage:

1) " There can be no doubt, O vice- regent of the Prophet," replied Giaffar, " that the young man is seated in the dark, in a most dismal mood, without either wine or kabob, or aught to comfort him." - "The Pacha of Many Tales", Captain Frederick Marryat.

2) The kabob now made its appearance, wrapped up in thin cakes of fine wheaten flour. - "The Pacha of Many Tales", Captain Frederick Marryat.

3) Now he cried out: " This kabob of the cannon is cooked, and my arms are tired whilst you have talked." - "Caste", W. A. Fraser.