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Spell check of jacinth

Correct spelling: jacinth


Examples of usage:

1) Later he, with Jacinth, his sweetheart, waits outside on the balcony until, awakened by her crooning song, he becomes aware that the gypsy is bewitching the Duchess. - "Browning and the Dramatic Monologue", S. S. Curry.

2) Thus had the ceiling of this house a pearl here, and there a diamond; here a jasper, and there a sapphire; here a sardius, and there a jacinth; here a sardonyx, and there an amethyst. - "The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3", John Bunyan.

3) Turquoise and pearl, emerald and jacinth, the gleams caught from the hidden sun above reflect the hues of every gem. - "Naples Past and Present", Arthur H. Norway.