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Spell check of JACA

Correct spelling: JACA

Examples of usage:

1) Don Pedro was made, first, Bishop of Jaca, in 1572; and in the following year, when he was sixty- four years of age, the Council of the Inquisition commanded the inquisitors of Saragossa to take informations against this worthy prelate, as suspected of heresy, because he had been denounced as not being known to confess himself, and that he had no regular confessor; he was likewise accused of not celebrating mass with sufficient solemnity. - "The History of the Inquisition of Spain from the Time of its Establishment to the Reign of Ferdinand VII.", Juan Antonio Llorente.

2) One fine morning, I departed from Cordova, in company with the Contrabandista; the latter was mounted on a handsome animal, something between a horse and a pony, which he called a jaca, of that breed for which Cordova is celebrated. - "The Bible in Spain", George Borrow.

3) I had myself purchased the jaca, whose capabilities I had seen on the route, and which I imagined might prove useful in future journeys. - "The Bible in Spain", George Borrow.