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Spell check of jabbers

Correct spelling: jabbers

discusses, vocalizes, preaches, recites, orates, speaks, lectures, babbles, talks, chitchats, patters, chatters, says, voices, prattles, tattles, gabs, debates, remarks.

Examples of usage:

1) And you must know, sir, that one of summer's day there comes a knock at our door as sends my 'eart into my mouth and makes me cry out, " The coppers, by jabbers!" - "Aylwin", Theodore Watts-Dunton.

2) Be jabbers, I couldn't hit a pin onct in the same place, let alone twice. - "The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies", Ralph Connor.

3) But this man stood calm under the sights and ear- piercin' yells and jabbers. - "Samantha at the World's Fair", Marietta Holley.