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Spell check of ineffectualness

Correct spelling: ineffectualness

affect, strong, inadequacy, incapability, powerlessness, uselessness, ineffectiveness, impotence, ineffectuality, helplessness, inefficacy.

effectiveness, effectualness, effectivity, effectuality.

Examples of usage:

1) If by " ineffectualness" is understood that, owing to their impulsive nature, the Celts often attempted more than they could accomplish, and thus failed; or that on many occasions of less import they changed their mind, and, after a slight effort, did not persevere in an undertaking just begun, there is no doubt of the truth of the observation. - "Irish Race in the Past and the Present", Aug. J. Thebaud.

2) Her decision strengthened his own, and after a pause of deliberation he said quietly: There might be a good deal to urge on the other side- the ineffectualness of your sacrifice, the probability that when your son marries he will inevitably be absorbed back into the life of his class and his people; but I can't look at it in that way, because if I were in your place I believe I should feel just as you do about it. - "Madame de Treymes", Edith Wharton.

3) A state like this would ever be exposed to the invasions of those who were powerful and inclined to attack it; but, as has been already mentioned, its situation preserves it, as it is free from the inroads of foreigners; and for this reason the family slaves still remain quiet at Crete, while the Helots are perpetually revolting: for the Cretans take no part in foreign affairs, and it is but lately that any foreign troops have made an attack upon the island; and their ravages soon proved the ineffectualness of their laws. - "Politics A Treatise on Government", Aristotle.