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Spell check of indifferent

Correct spelling: indifferent

unreactive, middling, glacial, garden, impersonal, candid, electroneutral, oblivious, aloof, commonplace, unimportant, ruthless, stoical, hardened, hard, haughty, unexceptional, blunt, passionless, heedless, fair-minded, incorporeal, impervious, unemotional, detached, easygoing, heartless, ordinary, concern, deaf, reserved, dispassionate, disinterested, rash, tolerable, unremarkable, square, tough, half-hearted, just, evenhanded, nonchalant, equitable, cold-blooded, pococurante, reckless, supercilious, medium, garden-variety, unresponsive, unwilling, regardless, chill, excited, sluggish, snobbish, numb, icy, hectic, standoffish, stolid, insensible, uninfluenced, lethargic, perfunctory, uncommunicative, stony, torpid, cold, impartial, impertinent, neutral, cool, passive, run-of-the-mine, attitude, diffident, thoughtless, dull, foolhardy, formulaic, preoccupied, listless, feelings, inert, extraneous, immaterial, plain, scornful, soggy, complacent, absent-minded, insensitive, inferior, irresponsible, undistinguished, silent, supine, wild, lukewarm, uncaring, uninquisitive, average, unbiased, incurious, fair, stock, absorbed, absent, hardhearted, run-of-the-mill, unmoved, reticent, emotionless, phlegmatic, unconcerned, so-so, uncompassionate, orthogonal, unheeding, unmindful, hard-boiled, daring, frantic, unsympathetic, condescending, objective, good, abstracted, anesthetized, lymphatic, impassive, cut-and-dried, negligent, routine, remote, apathetic, moderate, unprejudiced, insouciant, mediocre, second-class, casual, disdainful, standard, usual, equal, distant, uncurious, callous, imprudent, passable, achromatic, superior, uninvolved, inattentive, brash, nonmaterial, careless, second-rate, nonpartisan, unbiassed, uninterested, unfeeling, common.

heedful, insufficient, first-class, unmatched, excellent, preeminent, aware, supreme, unfriendly, colored, top, attentive, unsurpassed, fabulous, A1, immoderate, prejudiced, parti pris, fantastic, warm, concerned, dishonest, classic, wanting, thoughtful, prime, of import, fine, exceptional, mindful, partisan, maximum, nonobjective, warmhearted, outstanding, important, zealous, unsatisfactory, reactive, ex parte, ready, unacceptable, first-rate, on hand, sterling, partial, unjust, alert, par excellence, matchless, distorted, lacking, optimum, choice, fervent, wide-awake, inequitable, terrific, nifty, special, capital, ardent, deficient, deceptive, inadequate, deceitful, warped, passionate, unconscionable, splendid, stellar, sensitive, unsympathetic, biased, unreasonable, prompt, superlative, arbitrary, unparalleled, peerless, great, superior, marvelous, extraordinary, top-notch, number one, optimal, jaundiced, exquisite, interested, paying attention, one-sided, grand, caring, tip-top, distinguished, swell, conscientious, sensational, keen, superb.

Examples of usage:

1) I never did have much patience with the rule that a man must either be perfectly indifferent, or else make love. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) I can't quite understand Why I should feel so indifferent about it now; even the other day it was terrible. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Women have so many little mean ways, in their conduct toward one another, and are so innocent about it; but when a man is mean, he is mean all over, and perfectly indifferent to what is thought about him. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.