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Spell check of indecency

Correct spelling: indecency

drunkenness, filthiness, improperness, baseness, unbecomingness, evildoing, coarseness, obscenity, purity, indelicateness, badness, crudeness, indecorousness, dirt, villainousness, affront, obnoxiousness, degeneration, delicacy, revelation, impureness, feloniousness, indecent exposure, liberty, sexual harassment, grossness, date rape, nastiness, smut, reprehensibleness, filth, untowardness, offense, ribaldry, blameworthiness, debauchery, immodesty, propriety, blow, sinisterness, surprise, wantonness, damnability, crudity, wickedness, indecent assault, scandal, profanity, impropriety, shock, blueness, vice, gang rape, incorrectness, zinger, raunchiness, bawdiness, usual, criminality, perversion, indecorum, vulgarity, sadism, inappropriateness, immorality, foulness, impurity, sinfulness, raciness, debasement, acquaintance rape, indelicacy, depravity, lasciviousness, lewdness, incivility, iniquitousness, dirtiness, smuttiness, blackness, corruption, raunch, abuse, familiarity, perverseness, unseemliness, sexual abuse, sin.

etiquette, appropriateness, priggery, perfection, genteelness, prudence, suitableness, puritanism, fitness, priggishness, correctness, discretion, immaculateness, form, manners, spotlessness, primness, decorousness, consideration, decency, properness, purity, thoughtfulness, considerateness, gentility, rightness, decorum, prudishness, propriety, seemliness, suitability, graciousness, proprieties, prudery.

Examples of usage:

1) Such are the details briefly stated that were given to the judge who tried the men who committed this outrageous public indecency. - "England in the Days of Old", William Andrews.

2) So gross an act of indecency would in all probability be classed among the many scandalous tales invented of ecclesiastics, but that the judicial proceedings which ensued leave no doubt of its truth; and it was even recorded in the burial register of the cathedral. - "Account of a Tour in Normandy, Vol. II. (of 2)", Dawson Turner.

3) I owned that I was hurried on by the violence of a youthful passion, and by a sudden impulse, which few other persons, in the like situation, would have been able to check: that I withdrew, at her command and entreaty, on the promise of pardon, without having offered the least indecency, or any freedom, that would not have been forgiven by persons of delicacy, surprised in an attitude so charming- her terror, on the alarm of fire, calling for a soothing behaviour, and personal tenderness, she being ready to fall into fits: my hoped- for happy day so near, that I might be presumed to be looked upon as a betrothed lover- and that this excuse might be pleaded even for the women of the house, that they, thinking us actually married, might suppose themselves to be the less concerned to interfere on so tender an occasion. - "Clarissa, Volume 5 (of 9)", Samuel Richardson.