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Spell check of IAR

Correct spelling: IAR

Examples of usage:

1) Anyhow I ain't did no fightin' yit worth talkin' 'bout, fer Mariar is pow'ful feared I'd git hurt." - "My Lady of the North", Randall Parrish.

2) It ain't me that's talkin', Uncle Ambrose; I ain't seein' anything so wrong in your present relations, but I must say folks in Pennyrile is beginnin' to speculate some, bein's as 'Lizabeth is just turned fifty and you with such a reckernized taste fer female folks, why, though things ain't to say scanderlous, there is some that thinks 'em a little pe- cul- iar. - "The Loves of Ambrose", Margaret Vandercook.

3) Killeany was the ancient capital, formerly the residence of the lords of the manor of Iar Connaught. - "The South Isles of Aran", Oliver J. Burke.