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Spell check of hand

Correct spelling: hand

go past, sink, flock, advance, dismount, yield, egest, book, throw, happen, tump over, whiz, vassal, choke, upset, boo, originally, cowgirl, armpit, pass by, hatful, bridle, virtuoso, aspect, generate, good deal, fin, expire, hand over, come about, baseball mitt, menial, applause, contribute, heap, croak, sacrifice, moot, guru, go on, turn, march on, hired hand, overtake, feed, master, ability, cash in one's chips, hired man, equestrian, subordinate, hand down, contact, knack, cowboy, catcall, phase, glove, handwriting, volunteer, quite a little, calf, have, dab hand, mint, put across, make it, workingman, crew, grasp, give, founder, flip, great deal, slew, workingwoman, chip in, dial, perspective, authorize, respect, break in, John Hancock, fist, strain, facet, raft, grand slam, fob, servant, big toe, dab, open, slide by, devolve, penmanship, apparatchik, evanesce, pawn, connoisseur, canter, service, distribute, chattel, maven, reach, establish, brrr, operative, muckle, slip by, run, pass around, drop dead, exit, cave in, give way, decipher, hotshot, grunt, ease up, auxiliary, present, original, arch, bequeath, knock over, script, perish, gallop, impart, bowl over, hold, crabbed, go by, wizard, appendage, authority, index, full house, dealer, adept, mountain, arm, lot, stack, buzz, artist, baseball glove, edge, movement, take place, maestro, assistance, virtue, cowhand, scholar, control, bellow, go across, breadwinner, instruction, draw, make, boost, attain, backing, ovation, legislate, farmer, benefit, leg up, shark, lapse, crackerjack, clear, trump card, move over, delve, peck, praise, side, cooperation, duty officer, clap, dirt farmer, afford, travel by, assist, cards, fall out, laborer, apply, sharp, hour hand, go through, henchman, lieutenant, guidance, palm, field hand, die, frame of reference, bargain, aid, crewman, grip, cut into, go, buccaneer, render, get to, cap'n, ankle, underling, autograph, overhaul, blow over, career woman, spate, eliminate, get through, game, pass away, transcend, collapse, achieve, workwoman, conk, contribution, fall in, occur, cursive, round, surpass, guide, buckaroo, aide-de-camp, company, skill, leave, indicator, dummy, softwood, overstep, good, succor, pass off, debate, hook, light, peon, turn over, submit, crystal, helpmate, top, paw, consider, keeping, handwritten, roll, past master, ball, fleet, LED, desk person, helping hand, advantage, flank, passel, boatman, meister, bridge player, extend, progress to, plaudit, roustabout, lavish, authorise, face, graphology, relegate, ancillary, boatswain, work, illiterate, hands, employee, give-up the ghost, mess, longhand, gift, cowpoke, calligraphy, helper, farmhand, deputy, wad, lift, fall, geek, excrete, sight, jobholder, agent, arrive at, bareback, proficient, support, needle, commit, break, communicate, docker, captain, mickle, buddy system, batch, flunky, decease, cluck, pass, retainer, exceed, grant, elapse, part with, groom, hireling, buy the farm, pay, commuter, hit, serf, fade, place, enjoyment, flip over, angle, pop off, bid, tidy sum, go along, cattleman, assistant, relief, help, circulate, workman, junior, directly, designated hitter, strive, regard, gain, lead, mitt, worker, consecrate, abetment, dedicate, LCD, minute hand, working girl, merit, kick the bucket, call, devote, ace, overturn, plenty, playscript, transmit, pile, flush, fiend, move on, hap, clubfoot, deal, privilege, progress, cognoscente, tip over, mass, spend, extend to, slip away, kick in, asset, get hold of, bosun, return, aide, incentive, business deal, snuff it, subject, reach out, glide by, trade, dig, touch, deliberate, make pass, accomplish, pass on, Bronx cheer, manus.

dispossession, superior, frustration, inside, gaffer, dilettante, interference, inexpert, amateur, impotence, apprentice, restraint, dabbler, weakness, constraint, helplessness, novice, beginner, interior, obstruction, center, middle, neophyte, inhibition, employer, layman, boss, surrendering, hindrance, transferal, discouragement, relinquishment, repression, midway, nonprofessional, deterrence, supervisor, powerlessness, nonexpert, impotency.

Examples of usage:

1) We'll make money hand over fist. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Her hand lay close to his. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Again his hand was behind his ear. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.