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Spell check of habiliments

Correct spelling: habiliments

Examples of usage:

1) A considerable change had indeed taken place in the personal appearance of Will Wallace since his arrival in Edinburgh, for in place of the shepherd's garb, with which he had started from the" bonnie hills of Galloway" he wore the leathern apron and other habiliments of a blacksmith. - "Hunted and Harried", R.M. Ballantyne.

2) They tied their horses to a tree, and having given what assistance they could to the wounded men, they proceeded to strip three of the Parliamentary troopers; and then, laying aside their own habiliments, they dressed themselves in the uniform of the enemy, and mounting their horses made all haste from the place. - "The Children of the New Forest", Captain Marryat.

3) Mr. Warrington had caused his trunks and habiliments to be conveyed away from Bond Street in the morning, and he and his brother were now established in apartments elsewhere. - "The Virginians", William Makepeace Thackeray.