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Spell check of gone

Correct spelling: gone

hot, abstract, slick, A1, frontline, decayed, missing, topping, peachy, top-of-the-line, lacking, absence, hard-drinking, noble, infatuate, went, cool, cold, righteous, expired, dynamite, nifty, demised, wonderful, wizard, fine, decamped, bang-up, bumper, inebriated, four-star, sunk, hype, quick, mislaid, irrecoverable, superb, truant, keen, sank, elapsed, unsurpassed, prizewinning, stirred, omitted, disappeared, neat, faded, out, capital, boss, fallen, smitten, pregnant, retired, reproduction, classic, mean, vacant, left, coursed, destroyed, swell, moved, at rest, banner, abandoned, first-rate, lost, splendid, bygone, unremembered, beautiful, choice, hungover, deserted, superlative, exited, kaput, deceased, fab, hid, lifeless, superior, quality, caught, parturient, in absentia, withdrew, fantastic, blue-chip, past, removed, expended, budged, sensational, infatuated, asleep, first-string, nonextant, fantabulous, groovy, divine, top-notch, hammered, five-star, A-OK, melted, crackerjack, embarked, big, actuated, par excellence, excite, traveled, gangbusters, peachy keen, no-show, blitzed, gravid, immense, down, returned, enceinte, evaporated, blue-ribbon, expecting, tip-top, done, dandy, fabulous, sterling, quit, prize, split, misplaced, marvelous, first-class, traveling, unavailable, parted, at peace, number one, hidden, away, top, brag, bonny, brave, heavenly, alcoholic, corking, lovely, prime, famous, low, vanished, primo, extinct, expectant, evanesced, gilt-edged, defunct, proceeded, spent, departed, passed, done for, transferred, wasted, enamored, withdrawn, great, void, dissipated, relocated, heavy, burned up, radical, run, foregone, flied, bully, phat, dead, fled, run off, jim-dandy, supernal, unattainable, breathless, live, absent, nonexistent, out-of-sight, flowed, get, cracking, grand, shifted, come, ran, transited, stellar, terrific, empty, boffo, awesome, exhausted, late, elsewhere, numero uno, forgotten, wanting, erased, bypast, obliterated, top-flight, high-class, dissolved, intoxicated, top-shelf.

existent, alive, poor, second-rate, operative, aborting, bad, retained, breathing, low-grade, extant, live, substandard, wretched, owned, second-class, atrocious, vile, preserved, rotten, cherished, lively, barren, protected, loved, running, pathetic, existing, unsatisfactory, future, valued, middling, mediocre, treasured, infertile, living, present, vibrant, nonpregnant, miscarrying, dynamic, vivacious, terrible, found, possessed, inferior, prized, animated, execrable, thriving, animate, going, active, functioning, vital, lousy, delivered, awful, quick.

Examples of usage:

1) She has gone out, Mr. Carey. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Nothing could take away from her the two years which had gone before. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Hasn't he gone to sleep yet? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.