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Spell check of general

Correct spelling: general

sweeping, administrator, vague, at-large, indefinite, ordinary, obscure, oecumenical, orthodox, wide-reaching, complete, broad-brush, stock, C.O., generalised, as a whole, aide-de-camp, inclusive, traditional, diversified, extensive, all, summary, widely distributed, ringleader, foreman, particular, unlimited, director, public, supervisor, altogether, superintendent, widespread, comprehensive, whole, monotonous, large, master, collective, in the main, the sum total, commandant, full general, gross, customary, manager, steady, ecumenical, plain, accustomed, frequent, generalized, edited, constant, world, Lord, commonplace, creative, overseer, regularly, all-round, leader, baron, universal, elaborate, everything, far-ranging, systemic, bird's-eye, detailed, all-purpose, Cdr., broad-spectrum, rhythmic, superior general, adjutant, regular, typical, habitual, unrestricted, vulgar, familiar, pandemic, cyclical, overlord, broad, routine, conventional, blanket, customarily, planetary, miscellaneous, casual, world-wide, pervasive, ubiquitous, far-reaching, band master, predominating, wide-ranging, catholic, mundane, prevalent, wide, Col., everyday, magistrate, unspecialized, surprise, unvaried, global, conjoint, acting, pervading, ringmaster, recurrent, expansive, received, governor, emeritus, 101, specific, dean, schematic, blow-by-blow, blue-collar, unspecific, generic, unconfined, brigadier, commander, canonical, large-scale, cosmopolitan, group, inexact, ruling, national, epochal, periodic, budding, chief of staff, nonspecific, designate, conductor, majority, extended, queen, all-inclusive, standard, popular, brigadier-general, ecumenic, prevailing, endless, usually, colonel, warden, communal, oecumenic, frequently, executive, taskmaster, ruler, in general, common, normal, metronomic, continual, auxiliary, unqualified, overall, chief, chronic, undiversified, general-purpose, all-or-nothing, average, politics, usual, officer, special, wholesale, across-the-board, mayor, democratic, all-around, descriptive, captain, boss, mass, omnipresent, king, worldwide, deputy, mutual.

diversified, particular, personal, limited, bounded, confined, partial, local, explicit, detailed, component, particularized, qualified, dedicated, distinct, finite, individual, nonpublic, molecular, strange, incomprehensive, enumerated, comprehensive, particularised, uncommon, noncomprehensive, sharp, specified, idiosyncratic, especial, localised, topical, selective, elaborate, specialized, determinate, definite, thorough, localized, demarcated, separate, unusual, sectional, rare, inventoried, technical, exceptional, regional, divisional, circumscribed, restricted, private, special, listed, cross-sectional, precise, unpopular, infrequent, unique, singular, mapped, delineated, ad hoc, full, constituent, close-up, peculiar, distinctive, fragmentary, circumstantial, proper, itemized, specific, unknown.

Examples of usage:

1) Oh, General, you dear thing! - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) Why, General, who told you? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) In a general way, I'm quite open to take a share in the thing, but there's a point you have to consider. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.