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Spell check of gear

Correct spelling: gear

dress, productivity, windshield, distributor, gearshift, accelerator, cylinder, plunder, toss, generator, arrange, clutch, turnout, string, bearings, glove compartment, camshaft, cant over, railroad train, spark plug, connecting rod, crankshaft, habit, toggery, personal effects, power train, caravan, anabolic steroid, belt, sky, movables, action, vestments, cowl, garments, slope, chamber, tackle, orchestrate, duds, apparel, crankcase, fender, bevy, clobber, clothing, arsenal, equipment, flip, hardware, deliver, weeds, vend, shock absorber, togs, wagon train, property, assortment, carburetor, baggage, acid, chassis, geartrain, effects, things, stuff, lurch, bearing, accouterment, holdings, speedometer, pinion, thing, odometer, supplement, hawk, Class A drug, carriage, fix, bucket, battery, finalize, charlie, incline, ignition, belongings, gearbox, accoutrements, means, controlled substance, kit, gear wheel, ancillary, raiment, think ahead, rags, manifold, map out, cam, activity, transmission, rig, huckster, horn, monger, bale, add-on, cannabis, pitch, cant, appurtenance, coke, accessory, threads, organize, hood, cog, clothes, peddle, speed, gearing, exhaust, train, choke, rigging, brake, button, dashboard, personalty, dream up, assemblage, set up, attire, bumper, steering wheel, apparatus, appurtenances, cocaine, piston, taillights, plan, muffler, cogwheel, radiator, habiliment, draw up, material, outfit, goods, bank, shift, assembly, agglomeration, differential, gear mechanism, wear, personal property, vesture, batch, efficiency, paraphernalia, chattels, fan, costumery, angel dust, wearables, tilt, vestiary, ball bearing, materiel.

immovables, real estate.

Examples of usage:

1) Instead of driving them onto keys, which makes their removal difficult, we use with each large gear a square key let into the shaft, and two set screws. - "Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery", Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd..

2) B Off End Back Roll Gear. - "Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery", Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd..