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Spell check of gabbing

Correct spelling: gabbing

lecturing, babbling, jabbering, reciting, pattering, preaching, voicing, chattering, vocalizing, tattling, speaking, orating, discussing, saying, talking, prattling, remarking.

Examples of usage:

1) I remember seeing Struthers run gabbing and screaming about the room and then try to bury herself under her mattress, like the silly old she- ostrich she was, with her number sevens sticking out from under the bedding. - "The Prairie Mother", Arthur Stringer.

2) He stopped, realizing that he was gabbing at a terrific rate. - "Colorado Jim", George Goodchild.

3) I was gaeing alang wi' the yowes, and there was he and Drummielaw riding and gabbing. - "Foes", Mary Johnston.