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Spell check of Fabriano

Correct spelling: Fabriano

Examples of usage:

1) From Fabriano, at our feet, was spread to the east, the broad plain that lies twixt the Esino and the Masone, as far as Mount Comero, which, in the distance, lifted its round shoulder from the haze of sea. - "The Shame of Motley", Raphael Sabatini.

2) " You four," said I, " shall escort me- for I shall replace Madonna in the litter- you shall escort me towards Fabriano. - "The Shame of Motley", Raphael Sabatini.

3) " Now, rogues," said I to the escort, " strike me that road to Fabriano." - "The Shame of Motley", Raphael Sabatini.