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Spell check of Fabia

Correct spelling: Fabia

Examples of usage:

1) The elder Fabia, perceiving her sister's surprise, took the opportunity of administering a rap on the knuckles, through the medium of the knocker, and observed, that if the latter had not married a low plebeian, she would have been accustomed to hearing her own husband knock as loud, instead of being obliged to knock under. - "The Comic History of Rome", Gilbert Abbott Becket.

2) The vanity of Fabia had received a blow which had deprived her of sense; and the effect of the knocking at the door had been so stunning, that she could scarcely call her head her own. - "The Comic History of Rome", Gilbert Abbott Becket.

3) Fabia, in the same year, was justly treated. - "The Unwilling Vestal", Edward Lucas White.