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Spell check of example

Correct spelling: example

causa, practice session, utilization, pattern, pillowcase, citation, suit, representative, congressman, specimen, original, cause, caseful, usage, pillow slip, interpreter, moral, modeling, drill, guinea pig, workout, sheath, vitrine, lexicon, slip, poser, congresswoman, framework, utilisation, warning, quotation, event, eccentric, ideal, exercising, display case, beau ideal, sample, spokesperson, shell, headword, model, physical exercise, exemplary, practice, casing, face, part, teach, warn, manakin, case, image, typeface, voice, corpus, stereotype, mannikin, fashion model, deterrent example, lead, paradigm, substitute, archetype, precedent, use, recitation, lexicography, mirror, dictionary, type, exemplification, modelling, ensample, showcase, prototype, subject, exponent, object lesson, concordance, simulation, theoretical account, exemplar, good example, template, definition, employment, illustration, mannequin, physical exertion, role model, fount, symbol, copy, archetypal, character, same, lesson, good, exercise, font, lawsuit, grammatical case, manikin, lemma, standard, instance.

Examples of usage:

1) The first example was set by M'Kunje and M'Pua. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Example: What is the course and distance from Lat. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

3) Give an example of one. - "Geology", James Geikie.