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Spell check of esteem

Correct spelling: esteem

reckon, legend, look on, romance, wonder, acclaim, valuate, gaze, account, abide by, have in mind, consideration, veneration, notability, notoriety, revere, watch, pride, admiration, concoct, love, consider, paying attention, remember, assess, ardor, reverence, preeminence, pry, noteworthiness, cherish, fame, relish, attentiveness, regard as, respect, delight in, boast, renown, popularity, hatch, jimmy, approve, entertain, appreciation, perspective, measure, take to be, prefer, glory, respectfulness, regard, celebrity, prize, toy with, wish, observe, flirt with, distinction, defer, homage, honor, prise, deem, compliments, reputation, deference, memorability, mean, estimation, like, favor, honour, obedience, awe, elevation, praise, see, adore, rate, extol, fable, look upon, wonderment, applaud, think up, enjoy, value, prominence, admire, view, lever, appreciate, repute, famousness, devotion, think about, evaluate, treasure, illustriousness, heed, dream up, passion, think of, venerate, appraise.

unhappiness, repugnance, condemnation, aversion, disliking, displeasure, deprecation, abominate, disappointment, disfavor, disdain, disgust, execrate, loathing, disgruntlement, disillusionment, abhor, disrespect, abomination, repulsion, distaste, hate, nausea, dislike, disinclination, disesteem, disapproval, discontent, opprobrium, antipathy, despise, contempt, detestation, dissatisfaction, ridicule, hatred, revulsion, disregard, contemn, scorn, indignation, disenchantment, detest.

Examples of usage:

1) Passions have never troubled me, and a marriage founded on esteem- it always is a lucky chance if one does not repent of it afterwards. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) I esteem you all the more highly since I find that you acknowledge a man to be only complete on horseback. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) Also she knew him for one of those men who stood highest in her own esteem- men who made money. - "Command", William McFee.