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Spell check of embrace

Correct spelling: embrace

extort, constitute, entail, muffle, kiss, hook up with, approach, acknowledge, nod, mantle, embracing, squeeze, conjoin, court, grip, pass over, overcompensate, force, envelop, have, contract, brood, hatch, ring, enswathe, press, compile, lap, include, invest, comprehend, bear-hug, crush, squash, corral, twinge, number, wrap, shove, fabricate, pet, compass, incubate, bosom, snuggle, get over, kowtow, take up, flatter, surround, insure, receive, comprise, dig, circumfuse, gird, eat, accost, knocker, pamper, spread over, tweet, drink, rack, notice, drag in, encircle, form, sweep, wave, greet, wed, assume, compact, keep, plow, embody, grasp, pinch, pressure, wreathe, vociferate, grapple, track, take in, imprison, cut across, take, bower, heart, hug, enshroud, encompass, veil, get married, enclasp, wring, embroil, thrust, seize, gouge, get across, swathe, cuddle, continue, give, girdle, twitch, salaam, hide, perceive, drag, wedge, clinch, overlay, feel, cross, smile, cut through, bow, stuff, hail, get hitched with, impound, curtsy, confine, hale, traverse, compensate, enclose, invent, dramatise, constrict, signal, mash, environ, deal, borrow, adhere, cocoon, touch, subsume, underwrite, adopt, hold, savvy, embower, combine, carry, clasp, cage, shroud, welcome, tangle, extend, apprehend, compose, get the picture, trap, enfold, squelch, cover up, compress, report, cover, embracement, boob, strain, take on, espouse, embosom, accept, take over, construct, sweep up, treat, caress, wrap up, enwrap, dramatize, marry, involve, grok, salute, follow, clutch, acquire, handle, nuzzle, breed, circle, fence, contain, clip, retain, coddle, address, coerce.

deny, demur, prevent, disown, debar, abnegate, reject, pass up, spurn, forsake, throw out, throw over, renounce, bare, leave, surrender, turn down, refuse, denude, discard, lose, preclude, rule out, give up, misplace, abandon, throw away, balk, except, mislay, eliminate, junk, relinquish, prohibit, strip, omit, jettison, repudiate, abjure, decline, exclude, ban, object, bar, expose.

Examples of usage:

1) Embrace your child to- morrow when you have read the letter, and then- but I need not ask you for this; then in spite of all, think kindly of me. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) Let us walk to the carriage, I am impatient to embrace our child. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) At length she rose, and in taking leave she made a movement as if to embrace me, and was evidently surprised when I coldly and stiffly gave her my finger tips. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.