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Spell check of design

Correct spelling: design

protrude, outline, arrangement, lay, master plan, conspiracy, personalize, articulation, tendency, tactic, propose, premeditate, observation, intention, object, initiation, agreement, program, grade, settle, sketch, observe, stabilize, class, streamline, draft, categorize, foundation, dope out, anticipate, imagine, fancy, score, work out, radiation pattern, order, pretension, bearing, see, layout, coordination, aspiration, throw, constellation, map, fix, expect, designing, strategy, principle, rule, innovation, cross section, construct, thought, group, makeup, set out, intend, opine, depiction, soma, brainstorm, role, archaeology, ambition, inclination, point, arrange, frame, normalize, bod, forge, contrivance, fantasize, mark, perspective, fig, theory, inkling, rank, excogitate, agronomy, ideation, formula, send off, creativity, pattern, rationalize, picture, sift, mean, development, deliberately, separate, game, delineation, convention, scheme, conception, endeavor, traffic pattern, digit, ideate, individualize, determination, sort, end, contemplate, formulate, subordinate, chassis, strategize, systematize, jut out, maintain, architecture, unsnarl, project, anatomy, machination, proposition, idea, block graph, system, chart, organize, tracing, approach pattern, meaning, right, coin, discovery, consideration, prototype, coloration, introduction, acoustics, orchestrate, plan, contrive, origination, study, rate, planning, support, plot, applied linguistics, ancient history, regulate, practice, theorize, bell curve, type, goal, heading, motif, inspiration, schedule, visualize, anticipation, jumble, think, suppose, human body, physique, externalise, physical body, device, name, ordonnance, use, collate, invention, intent, perceive, reflection, thing, breakthrough, shape, diagram, aim, ideal, opinion, format, devise, bourne, coordinate, establish, argyle, engineer, chronology, Frankenstein's monster, consider, arabesque, envision, getup, stratify, architectural plan, stick out, balance, compose, game plan, figure, visualise, bar graph, objective, founding, drawing, expectation, concept, supposition, create, cast, institution, mind, trope, tracery, aesthetics, public figure, control, programme, purposely, purpose, figure of speech, adjust, form, composition, anthropology, invent, preparation, notion, integrate, function, archeology, column, instauration, purport, confusion, unify, creation, daydream, check, lay out, set, normal, be after, draw up, ground plan, structure, classify, flesh, place, motive, image, blueprint, build, externalize, methodize, jut, configuration, screen, number, road map, mediate, curve, vision, dream, intrigue, prepare, pigeonhole, arrangements, perception, creative, spirit, conceive, schematize, agriculture, material body, personalise, treatment, reengineer, predetermine, radiation diagram, array, premeditation, reflect, harmonize, axis, marshal, planned, excogitation, target.

thoughtlessness, aimlessness, carelessness, means, avoidance, oversight, purposelessness, heedlessness, way, method, negligence, neglect.

Examples of usage:

1) So long as the design to be printed stands out clearly on the block it matters nothing whether it be cut on wood or on soft metal. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

2) Even as between the design cut by hand and the process line- block which has as its basis a photograph taken direct from a pen drawing, the difference can hardly be said to be one of better and worse. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

3) Design for the wings of an organ- case. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.