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Spell check of dabchick

Correct spelling: dabchick

little grebe, Podiceps ruficollis.

Examples of usage:

1) A damp, rheumatic place, she said to herself, although she loved the river; and its backwaters, full of wild duck and dabchick and the moorhens, were enchanting places. - "Love of Brothers", Katharine Tynan.

2) Gwenwynwyn gazed long, of his senses in doubt, To see the grey friar a diver so stout; Then sadly and slowly his castle he sought, And left the friar diving, like dabchick distraught. - "Crotchet-Castle", Peacock, Thomas Love.

3) She is called the Little Grebe, or sometimes, by her intimate friends, the Dabchick. - "Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad", Various.