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Spell check of d'oeuvre

Correct spelling: d'oeuvre

Examples of usage:

1) It is worthy of remark, that this chef d'oeuvre of architecture, as if has always been considered, was not the work of a professed architect, but of M. Perrault, a physician. - "A tour through some parts of France, Switzerland, Savoy, Germany and Belgium", Richard Boyle Bernard.

2) To me they were deeply interesting, because Betty's face and form were continually before my eyes, and the one thing wanting to make my work a chef- d'oeuvre was, I hoped, on the verge of discovery. - "Love's Usuries", Louis Creswicke.

3) The chef- d'oeuvre of a kitchen of those days, I am assured, was a strictly apostolic collation, which, however, was very like a good supper. - "The Physiology of Taste", Brillat Savarin.