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Spell check of D'Arcy

Correct spelling: D'Arcy

Examples of usage:

1) Canada and all other parts of the British empire were deeply shocked on an April day of 1868 by the tragic announcement of the assassination of the brilliant Irishman, Thomas D'Arcy McGee on his return late at night from his parliamentary duties. - "Canada under British Rule 1760-1900", John G. Bourinot.

2) The old Countess d'Arcy, Mordaunt's relation, with whom Isabel had been staying, called them back to bless them; for, even through the coldness of old age, she was touched by the singularity of their love and affected by their nobleness of heart. - "The Disowned, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

3) D'Arcy in referring to Aylwin's conduct in regard to the cross says:- You were simply doing what Hamlet would have done in such circumstances- what Macbeth would have done, and what he would have done who spoke to the human heart through their voices. - "Aylwin", Theodore Watts-Dunton.