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Spell check of chief

Correct spelling: chief

preeminent, honcho, great, ascendant, magistrate, premier, primal, mandarin, quintessential, headland, consummate, ringleader, abbot, king, fountainhead, superwoman, school principal, zenith, promontory, elite, headmost, headman, party boss, old-timer, A-1, star, director, important, choice, caput, point, greatest, administrator, head, ruler, overlord, prize winner, band master, furthest, chieftain, president, head teacher, A-list, grand, prime, paramount, principal, mother, champ, sovereign, capital, captain, forefront, landlady, supreme, B-list, lead, headmistress, better, genteel, supervisor, ruling, knob, dominant, headspring, governor, proprietor, warden, boss, psyche, foremost, high, squire, mayor, controlling, top dog, foreland, elementary, straw boss, aristocracy, capitulum, central, prodigy, common, header, above, enforcer, head word, maestro, virtuoso, titleholder, arch, commanding, headmaster, question, proprietress, master, hierarch, pass, autocrat, foreperson, most, political boss, top, eminent, demagogue, big, kingpin, key, headsman, senior, of import, authority, first, overbearing, straits, Lord, primary, supereminent, quartermaster, queen, numero uno, good, chosen, over, mind, read/write head, oldtimer, superintendent, general, foreman, cardinal, victor, presiding, crowning, hirer, prima donna, landlord, taskmaster, predominant, below, overseer, dictator, manager, commander, leading, employer, drumhead, officer, born, basic, uppermost, antique, leader, furthermost, winner, superman, best, prior, overmastering, ringmaster, old geezer, commandant, forewoman, baron, sire, tribal chief, maximum, champion, conductor, heading, taskmistress, gaffer, oral sex, highest, superior, wonderwoman, nobility, headway, exceller, main, nous, guru, overriding, dean, paragon, executive, brain, figurehead, signal, mahatma, number one.

inconsiderable, ancillary, trifling, inferior, unimportant, insignificant, negligible, trivial, inconsequential, slight, secondary, junior, minor, lesser, lower, assisting, assistant, under, collateral, subsidiary, lowly, subordinate, last, least, second, less, coadjutor, deputy.

Examples of usage:

1) With Mr. Peary as chief it got to Etah. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) So far as I was personally concerned, my chief thought was one of satisfaction at having satisfied myself, and an intense longing for home. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Sure- didn't I tell you I fixed it up with the Chief? - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.