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Spell check of certain

Correct spelling: certain

specified, predestined, declarative, particular, concluded, expected, unconcerned, safe, sure as shooting, plastered, axiomatic, my, undoubting, mine, unquestioning, sure, reliable, self-confident, careful, unwavering, accurate, undisturbed, trusting, stable, supreme, unqualified, indubitable, special, set, objective, doubtful, unwritten, good, know, definitely, indisputable, destined, clear, veracious, hard-and-fast, right, inevitable, unfailing, loyal, secure, authoritative, undoubted, settled, specific, veritable, current, denominational, fail-safe, foreordained, unquestionable, unclassified, regular, incontestable, honest, bound, calm, questionless, dependable, unerring, out, factual, genuine, unnamed, conscientious, anonymous, irrefragable, undisputed, ineludible, conclusive, assertive, authentic, hard, implicit, complete, fixed, confident, affirmative, one, trusted, determiner, unmitigated, insistent, original, firm, sanguine, realistic, express, sure-fire, positive, perfect, decided, trusty, unarguable, plain, unequivocal, surefire, given, authorized, evident, devoted, especial, unassailable, doomed, unchallengeable, true, proven, absolute, steadfast, untroubled, uncertain, outright, overt, open, unambiguous, typical, accepted, unrestricted, frozen, some, several, inexpugnable, sealed, an, decisive, every, necessary, a, its, transparent, public, faithful, ineluctable, probable, unavoidable, definite, flat, real, consummate, trustworthy, marked, precise, final, singular, doubtless, double, believing, undisputable, sound, predestinate, guaranteed, individual, determined, patent, undeniable, determinate, unspecified, assured, unescapable, unanswerable, in for, irrefutable, can't-miss, infallible, change, cocksure, possibly, inarguable, received, unmistakable, incontrovertible, accomplished, categorical, utter, satisfied, probably, gospel, known, appreciable, unperturbed, convinced, unfalteringly, dozen, unconditional, predicative, accredited, likely, fated, legitimate, inescapable, unidentified.

diffident, false, speculative, questionable, exploded, flukey, fluky, chancy, debated, unstable, changeable, moot, baseless, spurious, arguable, hesitant, disputable, wavering, unclear, fallible, fluid, negotiable, adjustable, academic, contradictable, unassuming, hypothetical, named, shaky, iffy, mercurial, answerable, undependable, unpredictable, controvertible, doubtful, uncertain, incertain, undecided, fictitious, unsteady, unlikely, fluctuating, unsure, contingent, unauthorized, known, unsealed, capricious, equivocal, open-ended, problematic, volatile, evadable, variable, flickery, refutable, unreliable, unspecified, debatable, inconstant, indefinite, avoidable, temperamental, apocryphal, disputed, mutable, careless, up in the air, vacillating, improbable, doubtable, indecisive, preventable, unsettled, ambiguous, fabulous, changeful, dubious, controversial, inconclusive, specified, theoretical, counterfeit.

Examples of usage:

1) But he had said, for certain, that he would come home.... - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) " We shall take with us, Chamis," he said, " whom in a certain case we shall send for you. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) I could have been certain of that. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.