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Spell check of card

Correct spelling: card

waggle, tag, prankster, caddy, horseshoe, control panel, loosen, panel, gameboard, warrant, poster, bus, posting, neb, notelet, linesman, greenback, throwaway, business, authorisation, character, phone card, aerogram, badge, scrutinize, table, razz, plank, index, identity card, back end, scriptwriter, witticism, calling, good, computer menu, edge, notice, close season, visiting card, government note, gagman, bill sticker, address, file, licence, officiate, letterhead, diamond, fiberboard, circuit board, tantalize, automated teller machine, playwright, square, notecard, brain, bank bill, building permit, bridgeware, post-horse, plug-in, vizor, oddball, flier, carbon paper, cash card, actor, bank note, blotting paper, chop, beleaguer, trump card, social security, gagger, batting order, ream, nib, original, inspect, playing, zany, 4G, laughter, essayist, check, copywriter, chisel, label, bank, invoice, cash dispenser, jokester, cut, bridge, working papers, joker, note, contest, AGP, billet, privilege, recipe, accelerated graphics port, gagster, rally, benefit, display panel, cutup, circular, bunker, bogey, greeting card, visor, cell, Cup, birdie, broadsheet, credit, punster, comedian, deck, membership, amulet, quipster, 3G, auxiliary device, incentive, billhook, display board, pass, commentary box, account, hole-in-the-wall, ticket, pester, shake, registration, crystal ball, cod, beeper, chip away, foolscap, observance, broomstick, A drive, business card, picture postcard, clipboard, rag, dummy, merit, brainpower, voucher, tally, cards, mental capacity, bill, jack, grand slam, menu, accelerator card, clown, author, humour, monitor, asset, poker, ATM, placard, sheet, acetate, study, license, caller, filing, visiting, flyer, elixir, answering machine, correction fluid, fetish, eyeshade, observation, beak, banknote, crimp, blotter, championship, clash, charge, broadside, cash machine, tease, dining table, farceur, the Commonwealth Games, paper, insurance, notepaper, ride, peak, greeting, calling card, carte du jour, announcement, show card, mentality, virtue, columnist, crown, hand, bill poster, humorist, bye, belletrist, ID, arcana, base hardware, examine, tantalise, notification, house of cards, plaque, bill of fare, bogie, cameraphone, lineup, measure, review, the I Ching, club, book, bug, face card, wit, carte, board, postcard, banterer, comic, wittiness, heart, jester, control board, instrument panel, judge, deuce, button, authorization, funnyman, advantage, police, slip, learning ability, call, gift wrap, cashpoint, charm, writer, taunt, machine, bait, kraft, permit, dealer, fare, chase, oddity, banker's bill, full house, identification, laughing stock, deal, bid, pasteboard, scorecard, flush, flail, carbon, ADC, handbill, bleeper, usual, backswing, good-time Charlie, page, twit, humor, sandpaper, drill, dramatist, Chip and Pin, word smith, fluff, binder, droll, challenge, tease apart, check over, mailing, add-in, pinochle, buffoon, go over, circuit card, cardboard, ace, wag, badger.

Examples of usage:

1) He looked at the number card in the booth and got another shock. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) She offered to put a card on it for me so that they would know the name of the owner. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) Every man should be able to identify and name any point or quarter- point on the compass card. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.