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Spell check of cabbage

Correct spelling: cabbage

swag, collard greens, uprise, net, legal tender, pilfer, tomato, cacography, refined sugar, raise, excoriation, hook, countermand, Brassica Oleracea, shallot, vegetable, profits, popsicle, diddle, victimize, repeal, endive, elevate, crimp, squeeze, cucumber, Brussels sprouts, rear, potato, hoist, sugar, moola, slit, airlift, mazuma, mulct, scrape, booty, gip, slip, go up, kail, scar, beans, snitch, rook, surcharge, carrot, chicken feed, scrawl, mouse, dough, zucchini, filch, peag, pillage, vellicate, bring up, start, short-change, chips, thieve, scraping, bucks, earnings, green, gyp, stops, scratch, breadstuff, beet, celery, vacate, moolah, rutabaga, rustle, yam, rise, reverse, loot, pluck, bunco, cultivated cabbage, profit, long green, rescind, overcharge, gelt, snarf, abduct, tender, cream puff, come up, wampum, overturn, soak, broccoli, staff of life, cop, chive, cole, radish, twitch, plagiarise, plume, colewort, gazump, lucre, sweet potato, pumpkin, gold, mark, change, scratching, incision, ice lolly, crochet, wampumpeag, hornswoggle, get up, parsley, wild cabbage, sneak, twinge, plunder, snare, coin, artichoke, tweet, spinach, chou, maize, scam, shekels, turnip, pepper, pinch, swindle, top, jack, solicit, okra, carbohydrate, onion, parsnip, money, needful, currency, con, mushroom, annul, eggplant, dinero, nobble, creep, goldbrick, borecole, squash, kale, prize, fleece, lolly, simoleons, asparagus, net profit, pelf, arise, dent, bread, rob, lift, scribble, brass, clams, revoke, move up, lollipop, purloin, cash, net income, boodle, saccharide, dirty money, chard, corn, rice, kidnap, abstract, face-lift, abrasion, lettuce, wind, plagiarize, addict, defraud, glom, cauliflower, accost, pussyfoot, knock off, starting line, swipe, leek.

Examples of usage:

1) He got boiled side- pork, boiled cabbage, boiled beans and corn bread. - "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana", Durham, Andrew Everett.

2) I would ask the Cabbage, because I know it has a good heart, but I heard the Fig- tree say the other day it wouldn't give a fig for its stories, they are so vulgar. - "Lady Daisy and Other Stories", Caroline Stewart.

3) Shred the inner portion with an equal quantity of crisp celery, mix with mayonnaise and serve in the cabbage. - "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book", Myrtle Reed.