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Spell check of bound

Correct spelling: bound

margin, limited, approach, hell-bent, constraint, firm, scramble, sewn, keep back, abjure, destined, braided, dash, hem in, kick back, give, echo, fettered, laced, bounds, welded, paperbacked, obliged, terpsichore, compliant, stuck, quail, fly, basted, plunge, juxtaposed, jumpstart, joined, threaded, flinch, quilted, hold, recant, dart, engulf, constipated, take shape, embroidered, enclose, reverberate, stand out, hurry, spliced, bookmark, half-bound, woven, conformed, reliant, hop, purposeful, bonded, stipulated, shore, sure, resound, conjugated, scoot, buckled, loose-leaf, limitation, determine, edged, backfire, keep, leashed, tethered, vault, paperback, form, bookends, obligated, trace, in chains, saltation, terminus ad quem, leap out, clinched, rolled, run, suffixed, flying tackle, butt on, tacked, shrink, stringed, supine, certain, pasted, orientated, chained, bounce, clung, subjugated, hinged, leap, resolute, subscripted, unconstrained, augmented, encircle, outline, curb, sworn, deferent, well-bound, detain, additional, end, constrained, abutted, jump, knit, apprenticed, in fetters, sutured, take a hop, frame, do-or-die, sewed, function, trammel, probable, terminate, restrain, scurry, enslaved, brassbound, funk, rush, cased, fix, ended, linked, retract, outpouring, integrated, bent, define, treated, jump off, throttle, stick out, circumscribe, beach, work out, restrict, solidified, closed, terminal point, cringe, extra, running jump, resolved, intimidate, constricted, independent, bounden, connected, edge, restriction, collared, chute, lashed, dive, cut back, indentured, accompanied, jounce, inhibited, trussed, demarcation, knotted, bandaged, trap, outflow, check, alternate, pinioned, point of accumulation, under, strangle, encyclopedic, weaved, snare, rim, stranded, marooned, leaping, choke, rimmed, subject, springiness, forswear, squinch, limit, environ, kick, free, stuck together, detained, related, fastened, contour, control, demarcation line, hindered, capriole, envelop, scamper, answerable, mandated, purled, ensnare, wired, confines, forced, obligate, marge, compelled, furled, required, gallop, butt against, annexed, extended, skirt, curtail, servile, pop-up, fringe, probably, lope, buttonholed, surround, take off, subordinate, skip over, bookrest, set, move, take form, fountain, brink, roped, hardbound, confined, restraint, ring, stayed, hold in, articled, zipped, muzzled, pounce, sprint, merged, race, attached, obedient, trot, subservient, out, bank, prosper, subordinated, prefixed, startle, cumber, parachute, confine, ricochet, recoil, entrap, married, driven, develop, derail, cemented, chain-stitched, work, boundary, rebound, enchained, bracketed, specify, likely, jump out, brim, controlled, conjugate, strung, bounciness, dance, hurdle, knitted, indebted, oriented, jump-start, resile, tear, coupled, enthralled, sharpness, limit point, dancing, unfranchised, captive, in bonds, expected, jog, possibly, pledged, backstitched, seamed, springtime, spring, shape up, beholden, wedded, march, range, border, intent, kettle, made, decisive, encyclopaedic, submissive, rally, cohered, adhered, rise, single-minded, restricted, climb up, bridled, impeded, pass over, unrestrained, fused, strapped, obligation, embellished, good, bouncing, frame in, flip, terminated, coast, contain, strand, strangulate, adjoin, hold back, stitched, natural spring, subjected, skip, bordered, start, glued, guaranteed, qualify, plaited, constrain, backlash, fiction, dependent, restrained, abut, added, crocheted, encumber, tied, reflect, come off, hitched, wince, committed, shackled, sewn spliced, junior, affixed, cross-stitched, canter.

irresolute, unconstipated, undetermined, doubtful, disinclined, dubious, unresolved, unsettled, unsure, regular, loath, unbound, liberated, mistrustful, faltering, undecided, untethered, untreated, uncertain, free, unshackled, hesitant, vacillating, suspicious, skeptical, weak-kneed, distrustful, unoriented, unfettered, indisposed, unconvinced, wavering, unchained, untied, looseleaf, indecisive, reluctant, unsworn.

Examples of usage:

1) But that's bound to be a long job. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) " I was bound you'd eat before I did," he explained, " and I could stand a cup of coffee myself. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) They were bound for Annoatok at once. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.