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Spell check of bookmark

Correct spelling: bookmark

blogosphere, bookmarker, flame, Bluetooth, maintain, Boolean, pop-up, hook up, blind certificate, dial up, chat, bookends, loose-leaf, encyclopedic, fiction, access number, ABEND, host, address, facebook, hardbound, download, bookrest, bound, browse, encyclopaedic, account name, anonymous FTP.

Examples of usage:

1) You see- the bookmark was at that page. - "Hilda Lessways", Arnold Bennett.

2) It was an envelop of thin, foreign- looking paper- an empty envelop, forgotten and useless, unless perhaps it had been employed as a bookmark. - "The Dragon's Secret", Augusta Huiell Seaman.

3) There was a bookmark in it. - "The Hero of Garside School", J. Harwood Panting.