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Spell check of blue

Correct spelling: blue

ribald, begrimed, black, woebegone, glum, cast down, flaccid, heavyhearted, obscure, morose, ripe, drab, raunchy, faint, wretched, discouraged, off, crestfallen, beige, sacrilegious, lamentable, forbidding, unconsolable, highbrowed, dreary, sick, blueness, low-spirited, weary, bluish, down in the mouth, wayworn, inconsolable, hot, bronze, buff, joyless, despondent, mournful, aqua, inexorable, olive-drab, unrelenting, easy, despairing, geeky, relentless, nerdish, blackness, anxious, lascivious, spicy, dark-skinned, stern, toothsome, all-American, bad, avocado, naughty, nasty, lavender, droopy, highbrow, light-blue, cyan, dispirited, bluing, blue sky, gamy, amber, uphill, unhappy, game, sour, red-hot, apathetic, chromatic, pitiful, gutter, mettlesome, grim, noble, wanton, biscuit, earthy, debilitated, off-color, baby blue, footsore, coarse, nonindulgent, no-count, unsanctified, disheartened, unconsecrated, pornographic, cheerless, wistful, gloomy, filthy, brown, heavy-hearted, regretful, dejected, sorry, colored, bleak, blueish, mordant, depressing, dour, viper's bugloss, blue thistle, non-white, light, center, unforgiving, once in a while, grungy, spunky, docile, listless, weak, cerebral, stag, plaintive, happy, impure, benighted, foul-mouthed, dispiriting, lewd, blue angel, saddened, sorrowful, sapphire, Amytal, fat, pensive, feeble, risque, dark, gross, savoury, blue-blooded, lachrymose, full-bodied, brokenhearted, grisly, center forward, intellectualist, homesick, tenebrific, high, crude, dark blue, locker-room, puritanic, grubby, azure, salty, forlorn, tristful, ultramarine, lively, low, sullen, frazzled, conference, northern, aristocratic, sad, contemplative, blue air, long-haired, over-weary, run-down, distressing, saturnine, ghastly, tired, spirited, turquoise, ballplayer, disconsolate, piquant, blueweed, sinister, heartsick, heartsore, macabre, peacock, hangdog, moody, X-rated, blueing, fatigued, coloured, apricot, intellectualistic, spiritless, wasted, good-for-naught, dirty, indecent, blasphemous, puritanical, somber, aristocratical, doleful, meritless, cadet blue, dysphoric, club, vitriolic, heartbroken, profane, wild blue yonder, marine blue, navy, infrequently, muddy, subdued, alabaster, cobalt, unprintable, vulgar, good-for-nothing, muddied, downhearted, soft, trying, juicy, downcast, dismal, gentle, cornflower, toilsome, drowsy, unappeasable, seldom, colorful, luscious, patrician, exhausted, provocative, racy, Amobarbital Sodium, bawdy, grimy, in color, gloomful, gritty, sulky, trashy, powder blue, decent, no-good, back, robin's egg blue, eggheaded, woeful, boy, suggestive, no-account, zesty, limp, smutty, sober, melancholy, sombre, nerdy, rich, desolate, glooming, voluptuous, melancholic, aquamarine, gruesome, secular, abusive, worn-out, depressed, sleepy, gamey, down, miserable, backfield, blue devil, porny, bored, midnight blue, dull, dolorous, amethyst, anguished, overcome, dingy, glowering, robust, scabrous, deplorable, uncheerful, Puritan, obscene, indigo, drear, foul, savory.

gladdened, animated, jaunty, pleasant, hopeful, energetic, bouncing, euphoric, decent, desirable, easygoing, laughing, prudish, vivacious, correct, exuberant, pleasing, uneducated, prim, puritanical, philistine, meet, moronic, dumb, nonintellectual, happy, southern, welcome, gratified, pleased, zippy, acceptable, unenlightened, joyful, blissful, innocuous, glad, frisky, indulgent, unread, suitable, sunny, satisfied, buoyed, optimistic, approved, perky, Victorian, sprightly, jovial, idiotic, rosy, wholesome, straitlaced, G-rated, unsexy, happy-go-lucky, uncultured, rapturous, agreeable, upbeat, sanctioned, jolly, lightsome, polite, lively, vital, jocose, insouciant, lowborn, proper, priggish, achromatic, blithesome, lighthearted, genteel, sprightful, cheery, delighted, fit, lowbrow, exultant, springy, jocund, anti-intellectual, benighted, boon, chipper, perfect, staid, uncultivated, unobjectionable, devil-may-care, mirthful, entranced, cavalier, merry, immaculate, jubilant, sanguine, decorous, heartened, ignorant, careless, virginal, becoming, content, foolish, beaming, encouraged, grinning, buoyant, gleeful, respectable, pure, clean, carefree, peppy, inoffensive, appropriate, thrilled, rhapsodic, blithe, unlettered, jocular, cheerful, seemly, unintelligent, endorsed, ecstatic, neutral, elated, illiterate, nice, joyous, excited, unconcerned, spirited, smiling, spotless, gladsome, exhilarated, slow, enraptured, overjoyed.

Examples of usage:

1) The Captain turned his clear blue eyes on the Cuban. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) This blue suit and three house dresses are all the clothes I have in the world. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) The sky became dark- blue. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.