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Spell check of alert

Correct spelling: alert

restless, nudge, bustling, scrupulous, merry, denote, beacon, thoughtful, supple, dashing, indicate, designate, refreshing, gesticulation, alarm clock, lighthouse, lively, awareness, beckon, exacting, siren, bouncing, key, warning device, observant, jaunty, hint, thorough, prompt, intelligent, cue, alarm, jovial, hearkening, cautious, marvelous, bell, bright, wink, wondrous, marvellous, rakish, flag, advisory, alarum, brand, on the job, vital, scrutinizing, industrious, ability, fussy, mindful, regardful, considerate, rattling, considering, prepared, lidless, grand, alerting, watchful, ultrasmart, gesture, tocsin, gingerly, mark, vigilant, exhort, denotation, concerned, alarm system, enjoin, prudent, provident, bracing, shock, wonderful, tenty, forewarn, clever, caution, sharp, logotype, notify, awake, responsible, dapper, guide, call, natty, nod, open-eyed, insignia, refreshful, sign, notice, fresh, heedful, symbolize, badge, spry, wary, festive, terrific, motion, conscientious, deliberate, guidepost, intent, precise, snappish, active, sharp-witted, point out, panic, alacritous, animated, circumspect, banner, vigorous, live, advise, insomniac, horn, sleepless, chary, fascinated, brisk, token, nipping, appal, exceptional, enraptured, surprise, particular, quick, bouncy, whistle, spanking, heads-up, gesticulate, semaphore, notation, frighten, jocund, mobile, icon, pointer, rapt, foghorn, meticulous, qui vive, admonish, smart, spiffy, startle, consternation, peppy, on the alert, alive, flare, designation, keen, whipping, crisp, perched, mettlesome, appall, supersmart, mirthful, point, shrug, zippy, spruce, scare, signpost, warn, interested, enthusiastic, careful, attentive, energetic, raffish, wakeful, warning signal, willing, tonic, marker, nimble, finical, symbol, agile, indication, entranced, snappy, busy, fantastic, warning, argus-eyed, perked up, fly, alertness, signal, aware, festal, resilient, horrify, safe, logo, sprightly, caveat, crest, observing, legend, guarded, conservative, spirited, hyperintelligent, note, quick-witted, frosty, tag, wave, betoken, jolly, perked, absorbed, officious, wide-awake, springy, brainy, emblem, fastidious, full of life, howling, brilliant, strict, tremendous, engrossed, racy, sharp-eyed, fast, nippy, expeditious, label, ticket, diligent, conscious, stamp, threat, threaten, ready, buoy, immersed, dismay.

unready, brain-dead, poking, unintelligent, lunkheaded, incautious, dormant, featherheaded, preoccupied, birdbrained, inattentive, vacuous, moronic, unconscious, simple, lax, bubbleheaded, slothful, simpleminded, feebleminded, chuckleheaded, unintellectual, pinheaded, unheeding, indolent, dreaming, indiscreet, wacky, gormless, imprudent, lunatic, absentminded, slow, absent, crazy, dippy, engrossed, asinine, loony, venturesome, half-witted, unresponsive, dorky, dreamy, bold, crackpot, inert, unplanned, heavy, unprepared, harebrained, airheaded, lazy, heedless, dotty, daffy, unhurried, unmindful, unwise, soft, mad, dull, nonsensical, regardless, creeping, thick, absurd, distracted, dense, unintentional, quiet, sluggish, impetuous, leisurely, cuckoo, preposterous, laggard, quiescent, dim-witted, balmy, nonintellectual, dawdling, unwitting, weak-minded, idle, senseless, dallying, unalert, unsmart, kooky, dillydallying, nutty, foolish, dragging, daydreaming, unknowing, brainless, rash, imbecile, careless, dumb, dunderheaded, unthinking, faraway, tomfool, opaque, witless, silly, poky, unwary, crawling, brash, daft, negligent, incognizant, unaware, fool, zany, mindless, asleep, insensible, logy, lowbrow, abstracted, obtuse, empty-headed, ignorant, sleeping, unsafe, tardy, thickheaded, inadvertent, untaught, cockeyed, unwatchful, inconsiderate, doltish, slow-witted, inactive, fatuous, sappy, lamebrain, half-baked, lagging, absorbed, illiterate, dim, idiotic, forgetful, injudicious, uneducated, unvigilant, boneheaded, neglectful, screwball, uninformed, thick-witted, lethargic, dopey, dazed, unguarded, remiss, softheaded, oblivious, dilatory, reckless, thoughtless, insane.

Examples of usage:

1) Massingbred was silent for a while, and then said: You 'll have to be on the alert about this business of yours, Martin; and if I can be of service to you, command me. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) His mind was keenly awake and alert, and he had no fear of falling asleep. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) The colour had returned to his face, his eyes were brighter and more alert- the lines had gone. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.