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Spell check of 002

Correct spelling: 002

Examples of usage:

1) 13, 002. Have you undertaken a debt due to Mr. Smith? - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.

2) The height of Mount Everest is given as 29, 002 feet; but here the fifth figure is meaningless, the height of that mountain not being known so accurately that two feet more or less would be detected. - "Composition-Rhetoric", Stratton D. Brooks.

3) It reduces it by $ 1, 900, 000, 002, leaving me with only $ 3, 573, 574, 999, 998 on hand, but if I affix six ciphers to that, as I will now proceed to do, I have, as the figures conclusively show, $ 3, 575, 574, 999, 998, 000, 000, or about a squillion more than I had before I began to draw. - "Jack and the Check Book", John Kendrick Bangs.