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Spell check of wrong

Correct spelling: wrong

noncompliance, absurd, ravish, out of order, damage, the matter, inapposite, brainsick, irrational, rotten, fallacious, violate, lame, trample, approximately, excess, gaga, shady, dissipated, revile, blasphemous, touched, amiss, maltreat, paltry, ill-treat, cuckoo, transgress, aberrant, harm, effective, baneful, hysterical, illegal, misemploy, non-compliance, terms, malapropos, unsound, villainy, lousy, displeasing, corrupt, depraved, infringe, broadly, reverse, demented, unapt, noncooperation, rail at, evil, condemnable, mentally ill, inexact, gauche, crazy, immorality, unsavory, arrant, faulty, defective, misplaced, specious, altered, detrimental, vicious, circumstantial, inopportune, perpetrate, unconventional, bush, inside, sour, incorrect, insubordination, fit, untimely, inadequate, malfunctioning, impairment, bad, spurious, maniacal, unsubstantial, poor, ill-advised, batty, unfavorable, criminal, buggy, righteous, unrighteous, contravention, incorrectly, salacious, inferior, unsuitable, fruity, dotty, crummy, reprehensible, bush-league, black, incongruous, wrongheaded, effectively, unbecoming, extreme, use, non compos mentis, wanting, irresponsible, questionable, dishonorable, vituperate, ill, ill-suited, unreasonable, unsatisfactory, injure, erring, punk, abuse, perverse, mad, discriminate, daffy, awkward, defame, mistreat, villainous, trespass, oppress, daft, misguided, suboptimal, wanton, nuts, unlawful, nonfunctional, haywire, low-down, inconvenient, afield, accurate, defile, infelicitous, breach, inappropriate, unsuited, amoral, suitable, iniquitous, undecided, sin, exploit, insane, fateful, irremediable, equipment casualty, wacky, falsely, erratic, subpar, indecent, off, inaccurate, graceless, defiance, price, bonkers, wicked, profane, base, wrongfulness, commit, misuse, cracked, opposite, ungodly, dishonourable, untruthful, erroneous, sinful, disordered, invalid, hurt, sacrilegious, unfit, screwy, depravity, thrive, mistaken, perverted, maniac, distraught, deficient, enormity, do wrong, bananas, situated, ill timed, iniquity, disparage, inapt, nonobservance, ruin, malign, untoward, astray, childish, virtuous, deviant, inept, peccant, unhappy, true, reproach, sordid, dissolute, false, moonstruck, sane, imprecise, approximate, disobedience, nutty, awry, unseemly, vilify, unpleasant, unethical, counterfactual, untrue, aggrieve, unacceptable, paradise, wack, unique, wrongly, ridiculous, profligate, naughty, dissatisfactory, disproportionate, legal injury, improper, vile, lunatic, substandard, face to face, obverse, correct, gross, back, loony, truthless, roughly, nefarious, slander, unbalanced, right, persecute, crackers, flawed, unseasonable, victimize, loco, wretched, immoral, d'oh, infraction, reprobate, pervert, dark, beyond, surprise, deplorable, indecorous, encroach, prey on, inadvisable, ill-use, decadence, scathe, upon.

divine, correctly, dandy, A1, companionate, flawless, tend, word-perfect, honest, demonstrated, upright, compensate, unsurpassed, principled, high, proper, respected, blameless, eulogize, panegyrize, kosher, first-class, suitable, consonant, terrific, keen, fair, felicitous, tested, minimal, esteemed, nifty, better, decent, mediocre, first-rate, spotless, material, pure, boss, tip-top, excellent, elevated, clean, virtuous, rightfulness, praise, balanced, apposite, protect, good, fitting, OK, applaud, marvelous, prime, regard, legitimate, superlative, innocent, sterling, germane, true, grand, applicable, guiltless, straight, perfect, care for, lofty, genteel, tolerable, law-abiding, sound, mean, sensational, pointed, capital, upstanding, legal, sustain, fine, choice, irreproachable, seemly, seasonable, sanctioned, appropriate, uphold, average, supported, righteous, supernal, superb, consider, acceptable, abetted, right, classical, lily-white, sufficient, high-minded, unexceptional, classic, useful, becoming, pat, top, factual, swell, great, squeaky-clean, outside, reputable, aright, letter-perfect, compatible, honourable, inoffensive, sublime, exceptional, meet, all right, satisfying, just, timely, white, respect, redress, fancy, worthy, superior, proven, precise, honorable, slick, befitting, vindicate, relevant, congenial, conserve, gratifying, informed, passable, satisfactory, uncorrupted, chaste, exemplary, unobjectionable, extol, fit, noble, confirmed, functioning, permitted, borderline, relative, right-minded, venerable, allowed, scrupulous, neat, respectable, middling, permissible, accurate, impeccable, congruous, top-notch, authorized, special, heavenly, adequate, correct, exact, decorous, splendid, stellar, cherish, groovy, licensed, happy, ethical, commendable, encouraged, apt, unerring, incorruptible, fortunate, faultless, established, fabulous, errorless, jim-dandy, approved, wonderful, harmonious, opportune, so-so, immaculate, wholesome, high-grade, veracious, promoted, moral, valid, par excellence, premium, shield, banner, favor, laud, crackerjack, standard, creditable, bang-up, benefit, apropos, endorsed.

Examples of usage:

1) She never knew when she was in the right and when wrong. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) What he did I do not know, but I am very sure it was nothing wrong. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) You have the wrong man. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.