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Spell check of work

Correct spelling: work

lam, rub down, persist, cultivated, transfer, wee-wee, lap up, achievement, clear, instigate, wee, lean, trigger, subject, business day, attempt, record, collaboration, volume, flow, take a crap, clock off, train, locomote, publication, prevail, output, induce, aid, heavy lifting, control, assess, trail, bunk, while, react, pull in, swear out, line, vocation, naturalize, tract, elaborate, acidulate, arable, body of work, magazine, opera, elbow grease, booklet, call on, bureau, roleplay, give-up the ghost, take on, plump, list, swamp, playact, hammer, activate, utilisation, hold, clobber, field of study, school, position, puzzle out, lay down, play book, pursuit, take in, hunt, effect, struggle, range, head for the hills, blast furnace, carry, pretend, blend in, drive, toil, spur, conk out, maneuver, snuff it, transact, job, march, massage, melt, play, spurt, piddle, workmanship, usage, gallery, workshop, shunt, counterfeit, music, last, prepare, office, execute, wager, start, impact, discipline, realize, book, give way, flex, commitment, cipher, turn over, Botox, entirety, coal mining, trifle, earn, employ, strain, effort, lock, tend, cream, undertaking, hightail it, plastic surgery, survive, study, literature, nominate, dress, volunteer, rifle, take to the woods, crop rotation, home office, catalog, release, officiate, calculate, verse, combine, ply, profession, lop, stress, organise, corn, pass away, reach, snip, core time, depart, run away, bring, feat, acetify, background, obligation, handbook, crop circle, flick, artwork, pass water, cogitation, act as, fetch, coal miner, add, capacity, perform, run for, get, diddle, treat, take shape, operation, grow, occupy, die, game, take off, go bad, work at, chapter, come on, exit, monograph, puddle, racket, clock-watching, constitute, die hard, rick, mildew, masonry, derrick, subject area, imprint, mesh, micturate, practise, touch off, develop, activity, sum, push for, black market, serial, forge, give out, foment, sprain, cypher, employment, number, break down, wrench, budge, doing, fashion, factory, practice, drub, production, convey, realise, tome, script, chronicle, headquarters, establish, coax, incline, travel, boatyard, care, fortification, curl, operate on, exertion, subject field, purpose, prompt, trouble, course, composition, leaflet, lend, proceeding, pamphlet, attain, encounter, seduce, race, clock in, building, functioning, feed, folio, textbook, meander, home base, do work, track down, deed, ferment, mold, open up, division of labor, relieve oneself, prod, general headquarters, insert, model, dawdle, picture, pasture, turn tail, land, set off, engaged, sweat, escape, foundry, wrick, execution, civilize, excogitate, thrash, conflict diamonds, exploit, manual, make, coal, gain, take effect, cut in, get to, motion, libretto, institute, endeavor, lay, press for, do, conduct, fine art, belong, drift, reshape, progress to, base on, assist, acidify, creep, devise, fall behind, gold rush, get going, bend, affect, operate, try, take form, help, chore, incite, act upon, employed, hunt down, title, works, go, plow, tempt, field, take a shit, drop dead, expire, go away, fake, plastic surgeon, graze, craftsmanship, spiel, spend a penny, run, sour, compendium, cause, lick, drop back, go after, make up, task, drudgery, words, bring out, recreate, facelift, fix, buy the farm, FT, draw, unravel, produce, solve, scat, hit, prune, treatise, dissemble, perish, totality, cast, comport, calling, gross, roll, cultivate, expenditure, challenge, affair, whole, have, movement, mint, interact, shape up, log, flextime, choke, transaction, gasholder, double as, clip, slavery, throw, dress-down day, exercise, sue, fruit, contribute, back catalog, flash, workplace, cash crop, colliery, collagen, handiwork, energize, form, cash in one's chips, work up, reverse, resolve, naturalise, try for, straighten, behave, trade, function, work on, regulate, domesticate, total, provoke, all, hold out, written report, nip and tuck, actuate, fit, mill, conk, work out, run low, drama, push, estimate, manhandle, occupation, appear, manoeuver, kick the bucket, arrive at, strive, brochure, piece, run short, aggregate, ca-ca, stool, thing, index, oeuvre, call, process, guide, yield, sound, pique, change state, organize, coal mine, gasometer, head office, be given, enterprise, ready, HQ, place, egg on, act, accomplishment, litigate, browse, figure out, construction, prosper, canon, motivate, tap, extend, career, blend, business, project, reckon, trial, travail, piece of work, impart, move, overwork, pop off, cannery, assembly, go on, civilise, propel, report, ladder, engage, labor, create, construct, become, boob job, survey, name, lap, flirt, trim, add up, bleed, proceed, charm, serve, pass, take, everything, stretch, fiddle, cover for, bat, bailiwick, chef d'oeuvre, business hours, meet, cosmetic surgery, endure, use, coalfield, novel, build, part, invent, wreak, contrive, crop, come in, score, twist, on the job, craft, assemblage, melt down, movie, engagement, determine, galvanize, give, goldmine, fail, overload, product, goad, plant, eject, educate, live on, come off, consort, drill, collaborate, cope, moil, change by reversal, scarper, development, perpetrate, break, take a leak, stimulate, opus, croak, mould, pains, exert, impel, appointment, count, bestow, put, make water, cooling tower, influence, sketch, turn, staff, toy, inspire, decease, move around, deform, tuck, delegation, industry, manoeuvre, consummation, break away, performance, manufacture, creation, end product, make for, live, excite, nose job, shop, fly the coop, knead, advance, bring in, lead, inflame, campaign, crank, compute, manufactory, prove, utilization, dedication, pee-pee, ease, formulate, cook, hold up, crawl, tame, besiege, represent, figure, plough, cut back, brickworks, spirt, action, shape, spring, make believe, dally, bet, art, put to work.

fluency, laziness, suffering, idle, indolence, avocation, languor, inactivity, hobby, inaction, deliberation, idleness, rest, endurance, slug, dormancy, quiescence, stagnate, misfunction, smoothness, facility, passion, inertia, adroitness, malfunction, ease, suspension, pursuit, cessation, quiet, laze, immobility.

Examples of usage:

1) Would you do the work and say nothing? - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) It has done its work. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

3) If only he could get plenty of work here in Sanford. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.