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Spell check of witness

Correct spelling: witness

pick up, Benedictine, signatory, watchman, come up, ensure, sign away, ascertain, understand, confirm, detect, exemplify, indication, signification, gazer, realise, stand, countersign, inasmuch as, testament, observer, authenticate, determine, knowledge, learn, enter into, substantiation, aggrieved, smasher, obtain, Baptist, rule, get in on, watch, gaze, benediction, deponent, construe, endorse, realize, demonstrate, involve, fancy, evince, stamp, visualize, avouch, get a line, ravisher, amen, celebrate, beadle, acolyte, seer, get word, attestation, catch, mantrap, take in, picture, certify, baptism, sign on, voyeur, appellant, control, the Book of Common Prayer, token, bystander, confess, discover, bump, fall, own, substantiate, feel, audience, connote, interpret, regain, Christendom, profess, join, sweetheart, perceive, view, testify, glare, indicate, as, catechism, deposition, envision, engage in, spectate, vouch, passerby, sign, image, looker-on, attestator, attestor, experience, check, Bible thumper, attest, alibi, anthem, find, inspect, sit in on, manifest, law, make out, join in, proclaim, attester, beholder, state, betoken, consider, see to it, mark, corroborate, eyewitness, call down, show, viewer, confirmation, declare, notice, avow, visualise, benefice, prove, recover, examine, voucher, baptise, discern, manifestation, documentation, precisely, Amish, note, index, go through, challenge, look at, witnesser, ratify, protest, escort, run into, sit, concentrate, peer, because, spectator pump, go steady, watcher, evidence, meet, assure, peach, i.e., testifier, incur, reckon, take care, John Hancock, participate, glimpse, the accused, defendant, project, onlooker, stunner, sight see, admit, find oneself, nay, stare, corroboration, find out, establish, perceiver, adduce, signature, retrieve, behold, lulu, Anglican, since, aver, happen, badge, document, peek, besides, testimony, looker, line up, exist, rubberneck, visit, come across, baptize, occupy, set, pick out, symptom, go out, spectator, Calvinism, complainant, validation, indicator, glance, do, support, receive, spy, lie, insure, expert witness, look, knockout, date, explain, security guard, dish, run across, attend, testimonial, figure, informant, get wind, regard, belong, sign on the dotted line, source, chance, depose, validate, spot, sightseer, exhibit, attestant, sight, illustrate, see, hear, get, encounter, observe, beauty, get hold.

conjecture, surmise, disproof, guess, disavow, rebuttal, deny, accusation, refutation, assumption, disclaim, allegation, presumption, suspicion, disown, repudiate, contradict, charge, ignore.

Examples of usage:

1) Then at last Betty Ballard was called to the witness stand. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) You may call your witness. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) He made a will, I believe, to which you were a witness? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.