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Spell check of wise

Correct spelling: wise

saucy, owlish, smart, wiseass, brassbound, astute, clever, smart-aleck, extraneous, prudent, advisable, presumptuous, commonsensible, desirable, stephen samuel wise, reasoned, feasible, gifted, reinvigorated, educated, tactical, expert, nervy, forward, slick, chic, sophisticated, brisk, well-grounded, novel, careful, wary, overbold, attitude, authoritative, brash, impertinent, encyclopedic, brilliant, adept, snotty-nosed, cogent, bold, calculating, method, impudent, audacious, advised, wise to, knowledge, thought-out, thoughtful, invigorated, logical, refreshful, pushy, sassy, canny, able, unused, scholarly, rash, presuming, malapert, contumelious, thinking, clear-sighted, refreshing, bracing, sweet, ability, informed, versed, lettered, rational, experienced, deductive, all-knowing, cognizant, balanced, sage, inductive, diplomatic, encylopedic, perspicacious, clean, hip, reason, well-advised, smart-ass, sound, sly, unfermented, heady, quick, orthogonal, knowledgeable, intoxicating, well-founded, reckless, apt, flip, keen, conceivable, tactful, snippety, uppity, arch, competent, brazen, facetious, sharp-witted, pert, assuming, foolhardy, brassy, understanding, knowing, erudite, assumptive, comprehending, worldly, sapient, brainy, capable, crafty, statesmanlike, streetwise, learned, immaterial, isaac mayer wise, incisive, politic, overconfident, quick-scented, cocksure, courtesy, sagacious, philosophic, sane, plausible, rude, genius, profound, smart-assed, new, familiar, snippy, omniscient, smarty-pants, cheeky, boldfaced, cute, awake, sensible, alive, uppish, acute, bold-faced, intellectual, statesmanly, bright, shrewd, reasonable, intelligent, insolent, meditative, smart-alecky, academic, keen-sighted, irreverent, considered, likely, cunning, savvy, discreet, offensive, sharp, commonsensical, brazen-faced, insightful, judicious, master, sentient, fresh, discerning, levelheaded, refreshed, aware, cagey, perceptive, tonic, voguish.

grave, ashamed, mild, unperceptive, uninformed, gentle, mousy, inconspicuous, unready, inopportune, brainless, injudicious, feebleminded, foolish, humble, unmindful, embarrassed, vacuous, harebrained, mad, unobtrusive, unwitting, simple, witless, ludicrous, shy, sappy, rattlebrained, blushing, ignorant, abashed, unseasonable, impolitic, proper, imprudent, dense, oblivious, meek, misguided, inane, heedless, purblind, zany, demure, polite, genteel, derisory, mannerly, unprepared, slow-witted, unwary, inadvisable, fatuous, scatterbrained, sober, cockamamy, timid, unaware, cockeyed, serious, preposterous, undiscriminating, somber, impractical, unprofitable, irrational, rattlepated, solemn, respectful, unknowing, imbecile, courteous, silly, cockamamie, shamefaced, retiring, fond, asinine, wacky, nonsensical, dumb, whacky, woodenheaded, ridiculous, unfeasible, undiscerning, goofy, ill-conceived, inexpedient, unconscious, modest, unintelligent, moronic, laughable, unwise, mindless, deferential, senseless, backward, thoughtless, futile, obtuse, idiotic, absurd, slow, sincere, dull, insane, scatty, profitless, earnest, untimely, sottish.

Examples of usage:

1) She was wise all of a sudden. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) It fell about in this wise. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) It seemed to him better that he should wait until his wise mother had talked the matter over with the Elder. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.