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Spell check of winsome

Correct spelling: winsome

dear, fetching, lovely, disarming, lovable, kind, engaging, loving, taking, blithesome, sweet, attractive, adorable, bewitching, darling, harming, like, buoyant, tempting, insinuating, fascinating, lightsome, benignant, pleasing, amiable, enticing, bright, chipper, cheery, eupeptic, sunny, lovesome, enchanting, gentle, precious, entrancing, agreeable, blithe, pleasant, winning, glamorous, prepossessing, canty, upbeat, good-natured, gladsome, pretty, endearing, charming.

alienating, glum, joyless, dreadful, foul, scandalous, horrid, revolting, awful, obnoxious, sickening, appalling, abominable, ill-tempered, forlorn, disgusting, downhearted, down, churlish, disdainful, lousy, hateful, lethargic, unlovable, heinous, frightful, blue, disagreeable, insolent, loathsome, sorrowful, cruel, contemptible, melancholy, dejected, brokenhearted, unlovely, nauseating, hideous, haughty, unattractive, morose, droopy, low-spirited, gloomy, acrimonious, depressed, sluggish, saturnine, wretched, displeasing, obscene, mirthless, ill-natured, listless, torpid, sour, dour, despondent, odious, sad, unsightly, unloved, abhorrent, grotesque, inconsolable, gruff, unlikable, unsatisfied, unamiable, ill-humored, crusty, downcast, crestfallen, heavyhearted, nasty, horrible, shocking, repulsive, surly, noisome, ill-favored, offensive, proud, sullen, ugly, crabbed, repellent, dogged, dull, hangdog, disaffecting, sulky, scornful, low, arrogant, vile, repugnant, unpleasant, ogreish, detestable, disheartened, disconsolate, distasteful, unhappy, horrendous, monstrous.

Examples of usage:

1) They need not be handsome; they ought to be winsome. - "Dickens As an Educator", James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes.

2) For he had not ceased to think of May Kingsland's blue eyes and bright winsome face- had not ceased to wonder how the latter would look when he should see it again. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.

3) And, indeed, from an impartial standpoint, and outside the enthusiasm of our young friend, May Kingsland certainly was a very sweet and winsome girl, and one calculated, as she stood there in all the brightness of her fresh young beauty, to damage a far less susceptible heart than that which she had so easily taken captive. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.