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Spell check of wind

Correct spelling: wind

leaning, tangle, enclose, fetch up, wreathe, slew, flap, set, wrap up, track, wind instrument, filch, tress, malarkey, crosswind, weave, balloon, odorize, easterly, fanlight, finish, suggestion, reverse, deform, enfold, seethe, pencil lead, hear, twister, oratory, range, soupcon, bombast, breathing, puff, northeaster, audiovisual, pluck, flutter, vacate, intrude, fustian, hint, rustle, peak, distort, nobble, get up, leading, steer, braid, rumor, veer, device, roll out, nihility, casement, interweave, envelop, curl, leash, whirlwind, report, breaking wind, rear, Chinook, trail, abstract, horn in, gratuity, plait, top, entwine, entangle, roll up, plagiarize, pilfer, double glazing, crook, tide, move up, breath, tornado, respiration, hit, principal, bakshish, whiff, wrick, coil, pinch, ball, sneak, blast, asphyxia, verbiage, backsheesh, wander, dub, intimation, crest, tempest, bend, draw, cabbage, rotate, arch, rise, come up, typhoon, lead, twirl, sophisticate, trend, betray, current, bronchiole, hot air, trace, baby milk, cyclone, chatter, air current, tendency, end up, breeze, mistral, storm, thread, drift, rove, cot death, beat, flatus, lede, lift, airstream, DAT, air, inhalation, tether, rescind, draft, stray, raise, audiotape, crib death, swing, cheat, elevate, hurricane, artificial respiration, fire door, speck, nullity, roam, clue, reset, bay window, hoist, clock in, waffle, undulate, swipe, gimmick, roll, confidential information, summit, put back, wrench, run, flurry, wriggle, blizzard, cut, baby talk, swan, cuckold, swirl, wind-up, star, perfume, turn, squall, sheer, chat, string, arc, winding, swerve, thump, door, idle words, gust, waver, face-lift, divagate, pervert, tip, dormer, hustle, bronchus, tissue, scent, lead-in, rick, hear from, dust devil, purloin, band, flex, twine, jazz, beat up, excite, turn of events, bulge, hook, vagabond, talk, point, jumper cable, overturn, nuzzle, run up, annul, touch, put forward, enlace, airway, bad breath, cheat on, arise, banter, countermand, slue, convolute, gas, CD, jot, pull, kink, poke, snarf, nose, zephyr, twist around, turn on, trade wind, change, conversation, sandstorm, wheel, go up, babble, meander, farting, current of air, enwrap, bottle-feed, pry, wave, whisk, uprise, twist, tweak, crescent, back door, dub out, bludgeon, wrap, go back, bullock, schmooze, worm, writhe, arouse, construction, interlace, bind, small talk, punch, heart-to-heart, bubble, stun, land up, whirl, bond, digress, lead story, punch in, time, gossip, nothingness, finish up, tinge, crown, revolve, cone, gale, airlift, ramble, pourboire, jumper lead, direction, jet stream, sprain, spin, colic, mite, spark advance, blow, squirm, baksheesh, Dictaphone, fog, dub in, bakshis, repartee, intertwine, repeal, odourise, burp, eddy, bring up, atomic number 82, headwind, void, celluloid, plagiarise, bronchial tube, exit, bowl, clock off, malarky, curve, cast, belch, lace, grandiloquence, circle, breastfeed, wrestle, punch out, twisting, flatulent, batter, turn over, revoke, document, smack, blow off.

unroll, unwind, wind off.

Examples of usage:

1) He blew with His wind and the sea covered them. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) And in truth the wind came up. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) For this reason it was necessary to make and fly new ones, for these the wind could now carry across the flat desert far away- perhaps as far as the ocean. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.