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Spell check of wild

Correct spelling: wild

bird-like, half-baked, barbarous, rough, ill-advised, unbridled, brainsick, squally, unbalanced, heathenish, bizarre, gung ho, uncivil, jumbled, doddering, confused, parched, exotic, unwarrantable, boisterous, soulful, mad, ruminating, kooky, off, ridiculous, disintegrated, rambunctious, imprudent, stormy, weird, barbarian, gaga, primitive, idle, ill-considered, impassioned, thirsty, fast, false, daft, exuberant, crackers, caged, maddened, nuts, kinky, cluttered, antsy, wacky, disconnected, unplanted, outlandish, untamed, bizarro, bad, screwball, feral, like mad, natural state, inchoate, reckless, brutal, rampantly, nutty, canine, muddled, anxious, wonderful, furious, inconclusive, frenetically, stoked, speculative, hopped-up, indifferent, disarrayed, uninhabited, impenetrable, mammalian, unused, brawling, thrilling, funny, brisk, unjustified, uncultivated, indefensible, buggy, desert, incorrect, dead, greedy, marvellous, noncivilized, nonchalant, doddery, questionable, abusive, messy, raging, windy, absurd, frenziedly, madly, athirst, unrestrained, order, preposterous, anarchical, bush, irresponsible, fell, paradoxical, dissolute, obstinate, wildly, frenzied, recalcitrant, demented, insupportable, red, unhinged, indefinite, out of control, weirdo, loose, tremendous, profligate, Neanderthal, marvelous, softheaded, articulate, outrageous, rage, bonkers, batty, torrid, irregular, loco, unconstrained, unruly, unwarranted, howling, roughshod, keen, offbeat, excited, animalistic, undisciplined, voracious, cruel, frantic, mistaken, impatient, passionate, geeked, erratic, motivated, cracked, quaint, inexact, resist, barmy, enthusiastic, risky, nonsensical, fighting, natural, incoherent, godforsaken, unmindful, unbroken, refractory, disordered, funky, rampant, wildness, ferocious, fishy, disorganized, asexual, balmy, hazardous, undomesticated, great, off-the-wall, unsettled, eventful, overgrown, around the bend, wilderness, bestial, heavy, ardent, quirky, irrational, screwy, crimson, outré, out of work, emotional, feline, angered, undue, avid, inattentive, frenetic, peace, loony, deformed, rum, arid, terrific, uproarious, uncontrollable, incautious, negligent, breezy, out-of-the-way, raving mad, monstrous, fantastic, dissipated, delirious, born-again, madding, unreasonable, uncivilised, rakish, foolhardy, rugged, fervent, wondrous, ferine, shapeless, obscure, baseless, loopy, feverish, careless, wholehearted, light, groundless, uneven, daring, turbulent, wilding, compelling, blustery, waste, chaotic, fierce, fanciful, trigger-happy, rabid, jobless, roily, state of nature, androgynous, ludicrous, lawless, lifeless, spontaneous, uncivilized, solicitous, strange, vehement, fantastical, hectic, imprecise, arboreal, far-out, hooked, thoughtless, fuzzy, whacky, intractable, lush, eccentric, pumped, inhospitable, approximately, chimerical, rattling, kookie, untoward, exhilarating, anomalous, indocile, hysterical, dry, vertebral, aquatic, vicious, restraint, licentious, roiled, incontinent, way-out, brash, eager, amorphous, curious, from pillar to post, exciting, luxuriant, queerish, perturbed, manic, tumultuous, bare, desirous, sun-baked, inaccurate, desolate, anthropoid, crazy, tempestuous, cranky, alive, peculiar, fruity, grand, bats, formless, dramatic, free, unfounded, intense, histrionic, unmanageable, dotty, wrong, ungovernable, uncontrolled, deranged, round the bend, disheveled, weedy, wanton, senile, roughly, heedless, grotesque, calm, dusty, escape, heathen, angry, anarchistic, tearing, rash, indistinct, lewd, rude, infatuated, hot, juiced, reptilian, noncivilised, uncultured, native, ill-judged, hungry, spaced-out, disturbed, culture, erroneous, fractious, control, off-kilter, barbaric, agog, antic, unsound, high-risk, blurry, inconsistent, captive, enthused, obstreperous, raving, unreal, sick, broiling, disorderly, treeless, abandoned, fresh, amphibious, insane, assaultive, enthralling, lax, approximate, discomposed, enraged, senseless, raring, haywire, unjustifiable, dirty, untouched, best-of-breed, untrained, infuriated, savage, ugly, violent, excessive, neglected, overrun, broadly, ungoverned, deserted, uninhibited, frantically, embroiled, foolish, dense, remarkable, rampage.

docile, hesitant, broken in, balanced, wonted, peaceful, conservative, average, indisputable, clement, gentle, temperate, routine, civilized, disinterested, detached, rational, polished, frequent, cloudless, sensible, incurious, unenthusiastic, common, hospitable, typical, clear, predictable, run-of-the-mill, refined, everyday, normal, mild, usual, untroubled, wise, tame, unremarkable, languorous, controlled, spiritless, prosaic, certain, trained, housebroken, low-pressure, conformist, placid, commonplace, domestic, insouciant, bright, uneager, calm, sophisticated, demonstrated, sane, undisturbed, supported, quiet, sunshiny, lackadaisical, busted, substantial, stolid, unconcerned, incontrovertible, polite, indifferent, disinclined, humane, inhabited, undeniable, impassive, lukewarm, aloof, standard, established, demonstrable, averse, socialized, developed, nonchalant, unquestionable, moderate, incontestable, regular, logical, reluctant, halfhearted, unperturbed, uninterested, cultured, conventional, submissive, ordinary, realistic, tamed, domesticated, infallible, passionless, expected, civilised, urbane, sagacious, familiar, sound, enlightened, sunny, easygoing, habitual, loath, true, unexceptional, reasonable, halcyon, unclouded, safe, serene, cultivated, apathetic, knee-jerk, relaxed, garden, well-bred, indubitable, customary, tranquil, broken, workaday, consistent, unwilling, genteel, fair, languid, casual, subdued.

Examples of usage:

1) Only a few moments ago she had destroyed Athena's note of wild joy, of gratitude to herself. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) It drives me wild. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I was fair wild to have him bring ye here on his weddin' journey, and he should have done so, for we'd not seen him since he was a lad, and all these years I've been waitin' to see ye. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.