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Spell check of wide

Correct spelling: wide

descriptive, large-minded, overspreading, detailed, incorrect, flowing, all-encompassing, simple, hanging, unspecific, narrow, wide-ranging, all-embracing, scattered, liberal, heavy, widespread, dimensional, all, broad-brush, covering, everything, corpulent, open, unsubtle, rangy, abundant, gigantic, wide of the mark, magnificent, high, most, across, roomy, sizable, all-inclusive, fine, large, nationwide, beamy, good, attenuated, expansive, loose, away, enormous, big, commodious, questionable, huge, filmy, tighten, considerable, schoolwide, the sum total, separated, whole, approximately, elongated, far, ample, spacious, bulky, round-eyed, complete, wrong, extended, fat, extensive, across-the-board, deep, panoptic, colossal, king-size, large-scale, imprecise, broadly, worldwide, encompassing, out, stretching, panoramic, diffuse, entire, massive, overall, widely, 101, universal, statewide, comprehensive, childlike, countrywide, astray, thick, great, spreading, vast, far-flung, measurable, opened, bird's-eye, wide-spreading, paper-thin, comfortable, general, wide-cut, amplitudinous, simply, capacious, broad, wide open, inexact, blanket, total, blow-by-blow, elaborate, full, countywide, voluminous, citywide, dewy-eyed, utmost, as far as possible, portly, immense, grand, coarse, all-or-nothing, approximate, wide-eyed, sweeping, ajar, broad-brimmed, far-reaching, altogether, long, fanlike, edited, ubiquitous, tolerant, overhanging, inaccurate, wide-screen, wholesale, hairline, in breadth, chunky, replete, roughly, generalized, in width.

elongate, condensed, mean, trivial, infinitesimal, minute, meager, inconsiderable, meagerly, compressed, squeezed, paltry, diminutive, stingy, bottleneck, slim-jim, constricting, bare, contracted, narrowed, close, slight, hairlike, circumscribed, strait, shut, reedlike, petty, incomprehensive, little, noncomprehensive, narrow, brief, slim, scanty, tiny, paper-thin, attenuated, scrimpy, needlelike, straplike, closed, microscopic, thin, skinny, smallish, attenuate, small, tight, constrictive, tightened, undersized, fine, slender, marginal, accurate, constricted, tapering, tapered, insignificant, hairline, trifling, short, restricted, narrowing, meagre, limited.

Examples of usage:

1) Jane was probably wide awake still. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) Marjorie's eyes opened wide. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) We can only try to keep the gaps wide, and look through them.... - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.