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Spell check of well

Correct spelling: well

nicely, tank, advantageously, and, adequately, origin, additionally, commendable, wholesome, color, never-ending, worthily, benignly, fully, comfortably, wellhead, hardly, particularly, oilfield, come over, grip, intumesce, robust, abundantly, bayou, all right, sanitary, a lot, burst, hygienic, estuary, no, easy, praiseworthily, trim, commendably, very, source, advisable, vigorous, swell up, admirably, intimately, oilman, entirely, surge, ocean, fantastically, healthy, channel, ably, immensely, totally, favorably, nearly, symptomless, keep, insufficiently, rightly, lagoon, long, soundly, healthful, crest, no way, extended, sound, including, pool, lasting, OK, wholly, swell, abyss, blowhole, to perfection, oil slick, high-spirited, fit, crater, headspring, bottomless pit, suitably, anyhow, reservoir, enduring, badly, bay, gusher, fine, healed, able-bodied, do with, offshore, prolonged, strong, provenience, blooming, tumesce, aperture, how, deeply, ha, laudably, like, recovered, dash, quite, not, provenance, just, fabulously, splendidly, substantially, my, now, wellspring, blowout, hale, fountain, heighten, engulf, well up, arguably, fountainhead, pulse, grow, spring, purely, sick, mother, break, firstly, come in, superlatively, long-term, okey-dokey, closely, oil well, hah, puff up, cleft, salubrious, parent, oh, beneficially, completely, hearty, really, ill, utterly, whole, lake, greatly, derivation, absolutely, cured, great, pshaw, fresh, course, of course, brother, rootstock, run, constant, catch, bouncing, inlet, chasm, fount, right, fortunate, start, crevasse, deepen, strongly, thoroughly, pond, excellently, once upon a time, salutary, flourishing, darn, properly, beginning, strait, good, anyway, cast up, normal, not really, pleasantly, asymptomatic, well-conditioned, head, tumefy, oil platform, pit, cranny, cove, finely, deep, kindly, hardy, gulf, puh-leeze, barely, shaft, considerably, indeed, root, cavity, oil rig, puddle, spry, easily, by no means, sweep over, ditch, poorly, fiord, along with, borehole.

disabled, poorly, unfortunate, worn, hallucinating, sneezy, bilious, feverous, under the weather, infirm, gaunt, autistic, airsick, frail, unhealed, rickety, unsound, faint, giddy, aguish, differently abled, feeble, dyspeptic, challenged, worn out, consumptive, swooning, bedfast, debilitated, feverish, haggard, seedy, upset, green, unadvisable, paralyzed, wasted, queasy, liverish, exhausted, weakly, ailing, sick-abed, nauseous, disadvantageously, gouty, undernourished, troubled, bedridden, air sick, weak, peaked, paralytic, lightheaded, sick, stricken, diabetic, vertiginous, fragile, carsick, nauseated, rachitic, scrofulous, bedrid, fainting, laid low, malnourished, inadvisable, seasick, run-down, afflicted, sickened, enfeebled, halt, decrepit, spastic, sickish, emaciated, diseased, livery, failing, lame, light-headed, bronchitic, paraplegic, unhealthy, woozy, badly, convalescent, light, delicate, tubercular, recovering, unwell, incapacitated, funny, worn down, delirious, tuberculous, ill, crippled, bad, dizzy, indisposed, weakened, sickly, laid up, unfit, palsied.

Examples of usage:

1) He's doing very well, father. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) It is well, I think so. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) No, it is not well. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.